Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Think They're Watching Me

In a 48 hour period, I had slept a total of about 6 hours. I became paranoid and delusional. I knew that someone was out to get me some I had to stay up and wait for them to come.

I'll get them before they get me.

Those fucking bastards from the HOA were waiting for my to leave my car unattended so that they could slap an orange sticker on it and have those tow truck bastards tow my car away.

But I wasn't going to let that happen. Oh no... Not this time.

Instead, this is what I did:

Tuesday night:

I had 2 good friends stop by. These bitches get down. I mean, really get down. They were up for anything. With a 24 pack of beer in hand, we sat in the parking lot by our cars, waiting... taunting... the HOA fucktards to come out.

We blasted loud music from the car stereo, drank out beers in the open, were as loud as possible, and even peed in the parking lot.

A white lady came out her home. I recognized her as the Grumpy Face Lady. Always frowning, always old, always ugly, and never makes eye contact... till now.

She started at me with her old grumpy face, and I stared right the fuck back as if to say, "Yeah, bitch. I know you know of them".

As soon, as I locked eyes with her, she turned and headed back into her house.

For 4 hours, we waited and though we could here the tow trucks on the other side of the development, they never made their way to my street.

I left for the night and slept over my moms house, but her house is haunted so I didn't really sleep.

Wednesday night:

Again my 2 friends returned with a plus one. I figured partying in the parking lot 2 nights in a row might warrant one of the neighbors to call the cops on me, so we found parking at a nearby undisclosed location and head back to my house.

It's a bit of a walk, but I'm determined not to let these HOA bastards ruin my fun and not allow them to pressure me into paying them.

They wanted a war, they got one.

The sleep deprivation starts to set in and I realize that there's a fine line between insanity and sleep deprivation. Essentially, it's the same thing.

As I listened to the tow trucks hauling car after car on the other side of the development, I sat and waited for them to come to my side. I watched out the window, waiting to see the person who was behind the orange stickers, ready to start a confrontation.

But they never came to my side of the street. I have a feeling that they've been watching me. They knew I hadn't parked my car in the lot so they didn't even bother driving to my side of the street. But I knew they were out there. Watching and waiting.

They probably had no clue that I had found somewhere else to park, which is fine by me. I'll kept watching and as they plan their attacks on me, I'll be ready with a counter attack.

I finally got some sleep last night, but I'm not quite right yet. I know they're watching me and I wont stop until they give up.

They're waiting for me to slip up. Leave me car unattended for even a minute. But I'm not going to do that.

Terry's old and her whole HOA gang is full of more old people who are all possibly senile. Old people just aren't that smart. And fat people, like Terry, don't move so quick. So her whole little HOA posse is going down.

I'm gonna get all of them before they can get me.

Come on, bitches! Bring it on!

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