Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Something's Missing

The last few months, I've been feeling like I'm missing something. Then one day, I was taking a shit on the can when it all hit me: Phone Sex!

I've been missing phone sex like crazy.

When I'm home on a Friday night with nothing to do, there's really nothing to do. But when I was a phone sex operator and I was home on a Friday night with nothing to do, the phone would ring, and some idiot would be on the other line would be stuttering on the other line that he's never done nothing like this, and he's scared with find out, blah, blah, blah.

Whatever, what the hell did I care? I was still getting paid, and I wasn't so bored.

I like to think of phone sex as my version of cocaine. You take a hit and you get high, it's fun and dandy for a while, but then, you either become a junky or you decide there are better drugs to choose from.

I guess I thought there were better drugs, but I just haven't found it. So here am I, feeling like a fiend. I need to get a hit.

I realized that phone sex helped to fill this little, evil, dark hole that I have in my soul. Most importantly, I wasn't creating an imaginary world on the internet with Bob, Becky, Sue, and Pixie.

I had a real imaginary world playing Becky, Carmen, Brittany, and Laylah while I was working as a phone sex operator. The big difference was that I got payed to play those characters so it doesn't seem like I'm really that crazy for pretending to be other people.

So I think I've made the decision to go back to phone sex. If not for the money, then for my sanity.

Besides, it's either this, or I'm just gonna end up becoming a dominatrix. I have a lot of little, evil, dark holes in my soul that need to be filled.

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