Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bring Angry Girlfriend a Bag of Utz Potato Chips Project

While grocery shopping the other day, I got the sudden urge to buy some potato chips. I went down to the potato chip aisle to go grab a bag of my favorite chips, Utz, and couldn't find them.

I was super annoyed, so I went home. I looked up Utz on Wikipedia and found out that Utz potato chips was only distributed on the East Coast between Maine and South Carolina.

Why I never noticed this while I was living in Miami is beyond me. Maybe it was because I was preoccupied with other things. I really don't know.

So now, I'm stuck with this craving and no way to buy the chips. That's actually a lie. I can order them straight off of their website.

The point is, I'm asking anyone and everyone who is planning to come out to Vegas to visit me, or maybe not visit me to bring me a bag of Utz potato chips.

Specifically the Salt & Vinegar, or any kind of ruffled chips made by Utz.

I'm calling this the Bring Angry Girlfriend a Bag of Utz Potato Chip Project.

If you in an area where Utz is distributed and want to send me a bag either through UPS or are planning to come to Vegas and want to deliver them to me personally, email me at angrygirlfriend@gmail.com.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Fucker

Today marks what would've been me and Frijolero's 1st year wedding anniversary.

Obviously, things have changed and instead of being in Atlantic City sexing it up like we had planned on doing a while back, we are now separated and I'm now living in Las Vegas, while he's on the other side of the country probably banging some bitch that may or may not be a paid professional.

Let's keep it real, Frijolero. We both know the first thing you did after I left was go to that fucking whore house, Fuego's, and probably had sex with one of those dirty sluts who have got be the ugliest strippers/whores on the face of the planet. You're probably oozing with chlamydia juice and herpes now. I hope your penis shrivels up and falls off. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

To commemorate this festive occasion, I've decided to post certain song lyrics that I would like to dedicate to my soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Actually, there's only one song that really just sums it all up. It's not even the whole song, just the ending.

Green Day said it best:

You're just a fuck
I can't explain it 'cause I think you suck

I'm taking pride

In telling you to fuck off and die

F.O.D. by Green Day

Thank you, Green Day for those beautiful lyrics. I don't think I could've worded it any better then that...

But I'm gonna try anyways. Here is something I wrote just for you:

You're deceitful and you lie
You're an asshole
Go fuckin die

You've evil and you're mean
You like your whores
Young, shaved and "clean"

If they end up giving you the clap
I wont be mad
Cause you deserve that

I fucking hate you, hate you, hate you
I fucking hate you, stupid prick
I fucking hate you, hate you, hate you
Why don't you fuck yourself, piece of shit

I'm not that angry so don't you fret
I look forward to your child support check

It's the only thing helping me through
Remembering all the wasted time I spent with you

Anyways, it's a work in progress, so it's kinda all over the place right now.

In case your wondering, NO there is absolutely no possibility of reconciliation. I naively believe there was at first, but he quickly shot down any possibility of that happening. It's okay though. I'm not Angry. Well, maybe a little.

I've been holding back a lot, so it was time for me to vent a little so I can move on. However, this will more then likely be the last time that you hear any mention of Frijolero because I'm not gonna dwell on the past and all that shoulda/coulda/woulda type shit. Besides, there's no real drama between us anyways and I'd like to keep it that way.

No drama = boring blogs.

It's time for me to grab my vagina and pick myself up on my 2 feet and move on. And honestly, it's probably for the best that we split up. He just had the balls to do something that I couldn't do, so all jokes aside, there are no hard feelings (and no the marriage didn't end cause of prostitutes, and I don't really hope he catches an std and his penis falls off. Ok, well maybe I do want his penis to fall off, LOL).

Beside, I'm single now, living in Las Vegas, and will more then likely end up with a woman living out here. There are a lot of hot bitches, but I haven't seen too many attractive guys. I could be wrong, but I guess we'll see.

I could literally go either way at this point.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Return of Mr. Sparkles

So here I was minding my own business, not looking to be an asshole or anything. Pretty much I've been on my best behavior.

I randomly got an IM from Mr. Sparkles who I haven't heard from in a long time. Quite frankly, I didn't give a shit anyways, but I guess he's missed me.

Some of you may remember Mr. Sparkles from way back, but in case you don't, you might wanna read these 2 blogs first:

Humiliate Me and Kick Me In the Balls

Fun With Mr. Sparkles: Part 1 (there was suppose to be a part 2, but I got caught up on other things so I never finished it, but I still might).

As a warning, I have to tell you that there is some nudity and its definitely not a work friendly posting.

Anyways, so here's what happened today:

[12:10] SubmissiveGuy: http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s163/lookatfeet/Snapshot_20090901_4.jpg

[12:11] Evil BEE: well hey there Bitch
[12:11] Evil BEE: where the fuck ur little slutty ass been hiding
[12:11] SubmissiveGuy: been moving and trying to find a job
[12:11] Evil BEE: still broke are we? booo, i hate poor people
[12:12] SubmissiveGuy: i know =( next year when i turn 21 i get my trust fund 20k
[12:12] Evil BEE: when u turn 21? u mean ur little fat nasty ass is like 20?
[12:13] Evil BEE: ps 20 K aint shit
[12:13] SubmissiveGuy: yes
[12:13] Evil BEE: i didnt know u were such a young slutty whore
[12:13] SubmissiveGuy: yea
[12:14] Evil BEE: sooo do u have any other humiliating pictures for me?
[12:15] Evil BEE: u looks like a cow who ate flowers, threw it up and rolled around in it
[12:15] SubmissiveGuy: yes, are you posting the pics on the internet?
[12:15] Evil BEE: damn right i am
[12:16] SubmissiveGuy: do you want my photobucket password?
[12:16] Evil BEE: as a matter of fact yes, yes i do
[12:17] SubmissiveGuy: Username: lookatfeet password: love*******
[12:17] Evil BEE: loser
[12:17] Evil BEE: love******? what kinda corny shit is that?
[12:17] SubmissiveGuy: idk
[12:17] Evil BEE: ur a little bitch
[12:18] SubmissiveGuy: i know with a small little pee pee
[12:18] Evil BEE: we all know u have a small penis
[12:18] Evil BEE: its so sad and little
[12:18] Evil BEE: it kinda makes me angry
[12:19] SubmissiveGuy: im suprized you havent thought about cutting it off
[12:19] Evil BEE: i actually have
[12:20] Evil BEE: the only reason i've let u keep the little tiny pecker is cause its much ore fun to have u hurt urself repeatly then it is to have u cut it off suffer a while and then have nothing else to fuck around with later
[12:21] SubmissiveGuy: this is true
[12:21] SubmissiveGuy: did you log into my photobucket?
[12:21] Evil BEE: ur mistress is smarter then that dumb ass
[12:21] Evil BEE: yes i'm on it now.... ur fuckin tits are bigger then mine
[12:22] SubmissiveGuy: you wouldnt make me get real breast implants right?
[12:23] Evil BEE: and how the fuck would u afford breat implants when u cant even pay me for dealing with ur sorry ass?
[12:23] SubmissiveGuy: i was just asking
[12:23] Evil BEE: there are better thing u could spend ur money on then implants,,, Me for example
[12:24] SubmissiveGuy: i know that Mistress
[12:24] Evil BEE: i have to look at ur fat ass in mu-mus, jesus
[12:25] SubmissiveGuy: once i get my 20,000 im gonna spend every last cent of it on you
[12:25] Evil BEE: i know u will because I'm the greatest Mistress u could possibly ask for, and ur a little servant bitch boy
[12:26] SubmissiveGuy: where are u posting those pics?
[12:27] Evil BEE: none of ur fucking business where i post them, just know theyre being posted and people want to see more of u my little bitch
[12:27] Evil BEE: go run some water til it gets hot and dip ur penis in there
[12:28] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[12:28] Evil BEE: hurry up bitch
[12:36] Message: SubmissiveGuy is offline

Well, I don't know why the hell Mr. Sparkles always runs off like that on me, but what I do know is that he has giving me access tons of humiliating pictures.

I mean, this shit is really, really, weird.

Obviously, he wants the shit posted so per Mr. Sparkles request, I'll go ahead and post a few more.

I should warn you... It gets kinda weird:

Ummm yeah... So there were a few more that I thought about posting but I think this may be more then most people can handle.

However, if anyone out there wants to see more of Mr. Sparkles (you never know), let me know and I'll post some more of his pictures for your entertainment/pleasure/whatever.

I don't judge...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Starting to Feel Like Home

I havent had a shower curtain for the last 2 weeks, which has made shower time a pain in the ass cause I keep getting water all over the floors.

So today, I finally bought a shower curtain. Yey me!
(Ignore Oscar. For some odd reason, she just likes being in pictures).

I also got a little bit of furniture.
Notice the TV sitting on the floor? lol

Besides not having a TV stand and a couch, this place is starting to come together.

It ain't much, but it's mine!

It's starting to feel more like home already.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Apartment

So here I am sitting in my new apartment, with my "borrowed" internet. Whoever create Wi-Fi, I fucking love you!

I'm gonna turn my new apartment into a Bitch Pad. My theme color is going to be Menstrual Blood Red.

With the exception of the Boy Son's room, this whole place is going to scream Vagina Power.

I'm done with penis for a while because men are evil bastards. Maybe it's me and maybe it's them. All the same, I'm done for a good long while.

Luckily, I go both ways so while door is temporarily (or maybe no so temporarily) closes, the other has just swung wide open.

Once I get my shit together out here, we'll see what happens but I can only imagine. Never let a bitch of the leash cause I'm about to run wild.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but I'm trying to stay in positive mode. Being negative never gets anyone very far.

No point in dwelling on bullshit.

So, back to the apartment. I'm pretty much got just about everything I need, except for a TV which is a bitch cause the cable is included in the rent.

Who knows... Maybe I'll actually use craigslist for something useful this time around, like finding a TV, instead of my normal misdeeds. Maybe...