Sunday, September 13, 2009

Starting to Feel Like Home

I havent had a shower curtain for the last 2 weeks, which has made shower time a pain in the ass cause I keep getting water all over the floors.

So today, I finally bought a shower curtain. Yey me!
(Ignore Oscar. For some odd reason, she just likes being in pictures).

I also got a little bit of furniture.
Notice the TV sitting on the floor? lol

Besides not having a TV stand and a couch, this place is starting to come together.

It ain't much, but it's mine!

It's starting to feel more like home already.


Vanessa said...

you forgot to mention the best person in the entire world is about to make their way out there for the Vegas adventure... 2.5 weeks baby!

Anonymous said...

Boy, I don;t know if you realize it but you szid the magic word
"it;s mine", it looks great!