Monday, September 14, 2009

The Return of Mr. Sparkles

So here I was minding my own business, not looking to be an asshole or anything. Pretty much I've been on my best behavior.

I randomly got an IM from Mr. Sparkles who I haven't heard from in a long time. Quite frankly, I didn't give a shit anyways, but I guess he's missed me.

Some of you may remember Mr. Sparkles from way back, but in case you don't, you might wanna read these 2 blogs first:

Humiliate Me and Kick Me In the Balls

Fun With Mr. Sparkles: Part 1 (there was suppose to be a part 2, but I got caught up on other things so I never finished it, but I still might).

As a warning, I have to tell you that there is some nudity and its definitely not a work friendly posting.

Anyways, so here's what happened today:

[12:10] SubmissiveGuy:

[12:11] Evil BEE: well hey there Bitch
[12:11] Evil BEE: where the fuck ur little slutty ass been hiding
[12:11] SubmissiveGuy: been moving and trying to find a job
[12:11] Evil BEE: still broke are we? booo, i hate poor people
[12:12] SubmissiveGuy: i know =( next year when i turn 21 i get my trust fund 20k
[12:12] Evil BEE: when u turn 21? u mean ur little fat nasty ass is like 20?
[12:13] Evil BEE: ps 20 K aint shit
[12:13] SubmissiveGuy: yes
[12:13] Evil BEE: i didnt know u were such a young slutty whore
[12:13] SubmissiveGuy: yea
[12:14] Evil BEE: sooo do u have any other humiliating pictures for me?
[12:15] Evil BEE: u looks like a cow who ate flowers, threw it up and rolled around in it
[12:15] SubmissiveGuy: yes, are you posting the pics on the internet?
[12:15] Evil BEE: damn right i am
[12:16] SubmissiveGuy: do you want my photobucket password?
[12:16] Evil BEE: as a matter of fact yes, yes i do
[12:17] SubmissiveGuy: Username: lookatfeet password: love*******
[12:17] Evil BEE: loser
[12:17] Evil BEE: love******? what kinda corny shit is that?
[12:17] SubmissiveGuy: idk
[12:17] Evil BEE: ur a little bitch
[12:18] SubmissiveGuy: i know with a small little pee pee
[12:18] Evil BEE: we all know u have a small penis
[12:18] Evil BEE: its so sad and little
[12:18] Evil BEE: it kinda makes me angry
[12:19] SubmissiveGuy: im suprized you havent thought about cutting it off
[12:19] Evil BEE: i actually have
[12:20] Evil BEE: the only reason i've let u keep the little tiny pecker is cause its much ore fun to have u hurt urself repeatly then it is to have u cut it off suffer a while and then have nothing else to fuck around with later
[12:21] SubmissiveGuy: this is true
[12:21] SubmissiveGuy: did you log into my photobucket?
[12:21] Evil BEE: ur mistress is smarter then that dumb ass
[12:21] Evil BEE: yes i'm on it now.... ur fuckin tits are bigger then mine
[12:22] SubmissiveGuy: you wouldnt make me get real breast implants right?
[12:23] Evil BEE: and how the fuck would u afford breat implants when u cant even pay me for dealing with ur sorry ass?
[12:23] SubmissiveGuy: i was just asking
[12:23] Evil BEE: there are better thing u could spend ur money on then implants,,, Me for example
[12:24] SubmissiveGuy: i know that Mistress
[12:24] Evil BEE: i have to look at ur fat ass in mu-mus, jesus
[12:25] SubmissiveGuy: once i get my 20,000 im gonna spend every last cent of it on you
[12:25] Evil BEE: i know u will because I'm the greatest Mistress u could possibly ask for, and ur a little servant bitch boy
[12:26] SubmissiveGuy: where are u posting those pics?
[12:27] Evil BEE: none of ur fucking business where i post them, just know theyre being posted and people want to see more of u my little bitch
[12:27] Evil BEE: go run some water til it gets hot and dip ur penis in there
[12:28] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[12:28] Evil BEE: hurry up bitch
[12:36] Message: SubmissiveGuy is offline

Well, I don't know why the hell Mr. Sparkles always runs off like that on me, but what I do know is that he has giving me access tons of humiliating pictures.

I mean, this shit is really, really, weird.

Obviously, he wants the shit posted so per Mr. Sparkles request, I'll go ahead and post a few more.

I should warn you... It gets kinda weird:

Ummm yeah... So there were a few more that I thought about posting but I think this may be more then most people can handle.

However, if anyone out there wants to see more of Mr. Sparkles (you never know), let me know and I'll post some more of his pictures for your entertainment/pleasure/whatever.

I don't judge...


Steph said...

Ive been reading all your posts for a long time and never thought I would be shocked... Until I saw those.

Angry Girlfriend said...

Believe me, I was shocked too.
The rest of his photobucket account was filled with pictures even more bizarre then the ones I posted.

Believe it or not, these pics are pretty mild.

Looking at the pics I'd say Mr. Sparkles is pretty hardcore into S&M and foot worshiping, not to mention humiliation.

I'm starting to wonder if this is why he's been unemployed all this time.

Angry Girlfriend