Monday, December 1, 2008

Humuliate Me and Kick Me In the Balls

I'm not really sure how it is that these internet people have the worst of luck and find evil, mean spirited people like me to torment them without them having a clue, but it keeps my day that much more interesting.

This time, with no help of a craigslist posting, I caught me a Sissy Boy. There I was just minding my business and *bling*, I get a random message from a guy by the screen name SubmissiveGuy.

Apparently, he wanted to be humiliated, and well, I'm always up for a good blog post. I think we both suceeded in at our missions.

I've gone ahead and posted our discussion on here and included pictures that he gave his mistress permission to use as she saw fit.

[13:35] SubmissiveGuy: hey are you willing to humiliate me and kick me in the balls
[13:37] Evil BEE: why? do u wanna be my little sissy bitch boy or what?
[13:37] SubmissiveGuy: Yes ma'am i do
[13:37] Evil BEE: took u long enough to answer asshole
[13:38] SubmissiveGuy: im sorry mistress
[13:38] Evil BEE: i should beat ur sorry ass like the bitch u are u stupid fucker
[13:38] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am
[13:39] Evil BEE: i'm gonna call u Mr Sparkles Twinkle Toes
[13:40] Evil BEE: u like that name dont u?
[13:40] SubmissiveGuy: as u wish mistress
[13:40] Evil BEE: tell me u like the fuckin name Mr Sparkles
[13:41] Evil BEE: I didnt give u permission to add me asshole
[13:41] SubmissiveGuy: im sorry mistress
[13:41] Evil BEE: i'll let it slide this once but that better be the last time u do something without permission
[13:41] SubmissiveGuy: it will ma'am
[13:42] Evil BEE: what are u wearing right now?
[13:43] SubmissiveGuy: right now im wearing jeans and a underarmour cut off shirt
[13:44] Evil BEE: Mr Sparkles should always wear lacy pink panties
[13:44] Evil BEE: just for that i'm gonna pinch ur testicles
[13:44] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am
[13:45] Evil BEE: Pinch ur testicles NOW!
[13:45] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am as u wish
[13:45] Evil BEE: and do it hard, dont think that just cause i'm not physically there that u can get away with bullshit
[13:46] SubmissiveGuy: i never disobey
[13:46] Evil BEE: u better not asshole
[13:46] Evil BEE: are u pinchin hard?
[13:46] Evil BEE: do u want to scream?
[13:46] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am i am
[13:47] SubmissiveGuy: im pinching as hard as possible
[13:47] Evil BEE: good
[13:47] Evil BEE: punch it
[13:47] Evil BEE: fuck i have to go
[13:47] Evil BEE: i'll b back for u thought
[13:47] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am
[13:47] Evil BEE: u better not have another mistress on the side
[13:48] Evil BEE: i dont like to share my bitches
[13:48] SubmissiveGuy: i dont mistress
[13:48] Evil BEE: good boy
[13:48] SubmissiveGuy: i just wanna let you know when u come back i have humiliating pics of me in girls clothing i can send you
[13:49] Evil BEE: great then u can send them now
[13:49] Evil BEE: looks like i wont be leaving quite right now after all
[13:51] Evil BEE: why is my inbox still empty?
[13:51] SubmissiveGuy: im getting the pics now mistress
[13:51] Evil BEE: well hurry up, i dont like to be kept waiting
[13:51] SubmissiveGuy:
[13:52] Evil BEE: what? no make up?
[13:52] Evil BEE: and u call this pic humiliating? this is garbage
[13:52] SubmissiveGuy: i have some with makeup
[13:52] SubmissiveGuy:

[13:53] Evil BEE: thats better
[13:53] SubmissiveGuy:

[13:54] SubmissiveGuy: i also have a pic of my 3 1/2-4 inch penis
[13:54] Evil BEE: We'll get to that, dont jump ahead of urself
[13:55] SubmissiveGuy: ok mistress
[13:55] Evil BEE: is ur little tiny penis hard?
[13:55] SubmissiveGuy: what are you gonna do with my pictures mistress
[13:55] SubmissiveGuy: and yes its hard
[13:55] Evil BEE: what do u think i should do with ur pics?
[13:55] Evil BEE: i'ld like to post them for everyone to see
[13:56] Evil BEE: i wanna make u look like the fool u are
[13:56] SubmissiveGuy: where do u wanna post them
[13:56] Evil BEE: where ever the hell i want, its not ur place to ask me
[13:56] SubmissiveGuy: im sorry
[13:57] SubmissiveGuy: i also have a foot fetish i love girls feet i think they are beautiful
[13:57] SubmissiveGuy: i would love to worship your feet
[13:58] Evil BEE: u have to earn that right
[13:58] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am

[13:58] SubmissiveGuy:
[13:59] Evil BEE: is that the best u got?
[13:59] Evil BEE: that picture is too dark, i'm gettin really impatient with u
[13:59] SubmissiveGuy:
[14:00] Evil BEE: LMAO PATHETIC, just like u are
[14:01] Evil BEE: u call that a penis? its more like a limp noodle
[14:02] SubmissiveGuy: i know mistress i dont deserve to heven have a penis
[14:02] Evil BEE: no u dont
[14:02] Evil BEE: u should tuck it under like the bitch u are
[14:03] SubmissiveGuy: i was thinking of getting it removed mistress
[14:03] Evil BEE: who the hell are u to think?
[14:03] Evil BEE: u dont need to think anything
[14:03] Evil BEE: u just need to do what i tell u
[14:04] Evil BEE: i'll decide if u remove ur penis or not
[14:04] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress, understood
[14:05] Evil BEE: for now, i say keep the little thing
[14:05] Evil BEE: its much more humiliating to have a small dick then no dick at all, haha
[14:06] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'ma
[14:06] SubmissiveGuy: how extreme are you mistress?
[14:06] Evil BEE: I'm as extreme as I want to be bitch
[14:06] Evil BEE: dont fuckin question me asshole
[14:06] SubmissiveGuy: bc i used to have a mistress 4 years ago that moved away and she made me eat shit and drink pee
[14:07] Evil BEE: just for that, i think u need to take a rock and hit ur penis with it at least 10 times
[14:07] Evil BEE: i'll give u time to get the rock but do it now u incompetent asshole
[14:07] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[14:08] Evil BEE: ur fat ass better be running to get it done right this minute
[14:09] SubmissiveGuy: i have the rock mistress
[14:09] Evil BEE: then what the fuck are u waiting for
[14:09] Evil BEE: u know what i expect u to do with it
[14:09] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress im doing it now
[14:10] Evil BEE: u better be cryin from pain u fuckin shit head
[14:11] SubmissiveGuy: tears are starting to run down my check
[14:11] Evil BEE: then ur not doing it hard enough
[14:11] Evil BEE: i want u bawling like the bitch u are
[14:12] SubmissiveGuy: ye...yes mis....mistress
[14:13] Evil BEE: i want u do grab something big and hard thats phallic shaped
[14:13] Evil BEE: guess what i want u to do with it
[14:13] SubmissiveGuy: what mistress
[14:14] Evil BEE: I want u to stick it up ur ass and leave it there, but it better be big and wide, i want it to be so big that ur have to clentch ur teeth the whole time its up there
[14:14] SubmissiveGuy: like a toilet plunger
[14:15] Evil BEE: not the stick sick the sucky side, but a toilet plunger probably wont work
[14:15] Evil BEE: u need something big and hard
[14:16] Evil BEE: are u lookin around or what?
[14:16] SubmissiveGuy: yes
[14:16] Evil BEE: learn how to multi task idiot
[14:16] Evil BEE: i need u t o do what i say when i say and respond to me promptly
[14:16] SubmissiveGuy: i cant find anything mistress
[14:17] Evil BEE: u cant or ur not trying?
[14:17] Evil BEE: ur starting to infuriate me
[14:17] SubmissiveGuy: what about a golf club?
[14:17] Evil BEE: thats too thin
[14:17] Evil BEE: what part of something THICK dont u understand?
[14:17] SubmissiveGuy: a water bottle?
[14:18] Evil BEE: i hope u still have the rock because i want u do hit ur penis with it a few more times for being such an idiot
[14:18] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress, how about a full water bottle?
[14:18] Evil BEE: how big is the water bottle?
[14:19] SubmissiveGuy: ummm its fat
[14:19] Evil BEE: why do i have the feeling that ur lying
[14:19] SubmissiveGuy: it looks like this
[14:19] Evil BEE: good boy
[14:20] Evil BEE: stick it up ur asshole and leave it there til i say otherwise
[14:20] SubmissiveGuy: yes my beautiful mistress
[14:21] Evil BEE: did u get it up there or what?
[14:21] Evil BEE: answer quickly !
[14:22] SubmissiveGuy: yes its up my ass i have to stand bc it hurts so much
[14:22] Evil BEE: good boy
[14:22] Evil BEE: ur finally starting to comply
[14:22] SubmissiveGuy: i am alowed to stand right mistress or do i have to sit?
[14:23] Evil BEE: u may stand, i think it may slide out if u sit and we dont want it to slide out just yet
[14:24] SubmissiveGuy: unless i make sure mt ass is on the chair making the bottle stay in place....damnit why did i just say that
[14:24] Evil BEE: u fuckin moron
[14:24] Evil BEE: i think u like hitting ur penis with the rock dont u?
[14:24] SubmissiveGuy: no mistress tthat hurts like hell
[14:25] Evil BEE: u wanted extreme didnt u?
[14:25] SubmissiveGuy: yes
[14:25] Evil BEE: well u got it u little pig fucker
[14:25] Evil BEE: now do as i say
[14:25] SubmissiveGuy: yes ma'am
[14:25]Evil BEE: u better be in pain, u better be crying
[14:26] SubmissiveGuy: i am mistress
[14:26] Evil BEE: look at u, beating ur penis with a rock and a water bottle in ur ass
[14:26] Evil BEE: i want proof
[14:26] Evil BEE: show me a pic
[14:27] SubmissiveGuy: i dont have a camera right now mistress thouse pics i've had for a few years
[14:27] Evil BEE: You fuckin LIAR
[14:27] SubmissiveGuy: im not lying i never lie
[14:27] Evil BEE: ur ass better still be hitting ur penis with that fuckin rock
[14:28] SubmissiveGuy: im doing everything you are saying
[14:28] SubmissiveGuy: i am mistress
[14:28] SubmissiveGuy: i havent stoped
[14:29] Evil BEE: now tell me, u said ur old mistress made u eat ur own shit
[14:29] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[14:30] Evil BEE: for the record, i dont care to be compared to other mistresses
[14:30] Evil BEE: however. did u enjoy eatin ur own shit
[14:30] SubmissiveGuy: not really mistress
[14:30] Evil BEE: great, sounds like something i may ask u to do the next time u fuck up
[14:31] Evil BEE: would u prefer to beat ur penis with a rock or eat shit?
[14:31] SubmissiveGuy: idk
[14:31] Evil BEE: pick one and dont lie
[14:31] SubmissiveGuy: beat my penis with a rock
[14:32] Evil BEE: fuck it, i'll have u do both
[14:32] Evil BEE: are u hungry Mr Sparkles?
[14:33] SubmissiveGuy: no mistress
[14:33] Evil BEE: i'll ask again...
[14:33] Evil BEE: are u hungry Mr Sparkles?
[14:33] Message: SubmissiveGuy is offline

I guess I got a little too extreme for him.

In any case, it was actually quite boring after a while. I mean I'm use to doing the whole mistress thing. I had a dominatrix character that I played during the time I was a phone sex operator.

Of course my specialty has always been financial domination, which I was hoping to achieve had the asshole been more compliant. After all, Christmas is just right around the corner.

In either case, I don't think I'll be hearing from this guy again.

I should really get back into phone sex... I apparently still have a lot of pent up anger that I need to release and I must admit that acting like such a nasty, mean bitch, hits the spot just right...

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