Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving. Never have been.

I don't see the purpose of celebrating a holiday that marks the betrayal of the white man to the Native Americans.

Straight up, I think this holiday is evil, though I will admit that I don't oppose to accepting Thanksgiving leftovers to those who have more then enough to share. Call me a hypocrite. Fuck if I care.

Besides, who isn't a hypocrite?

Though I am not thankful for this jacked up, massacre of a holiday, I am thankful for other things, like my novela, chocolate, the internet, craigslist and all the stupid people who replied to one of my ads, and liquor (thought you have betrayed me more times then I can count).

I'm also thankful for my vagina, and Cornholio's penis which works wonders when he's not inebriated.

I'm also thankful for my other vagina, Too-Tall (she's an awesome kisser, by the way. I'd recommend her to anyone), my bitch, Shorty (my little pit bull), all the gays and lesbians in my life (there's too many to mention by name and some who probably don't even realize that they're gay yet), Oscar Lobster, Pixie Doodle, Dakota Kota & Jupiter Almighty.

And last, but not least, or rather the number one person I'm thankful for is the Boy Son, who for whatever reason has been recently sticking his head in the toilet every time he feels the need to cough. Doing things like this not only irritate me and piss me the fuck off, but keep me strangely amused and entertained.

I'm also thankful for Lithium, and ecstasy induced flashbacks. And booze... Can't forget the booze...

Special shout out goes to the 2 Drunk Mexicans from last Friday. Thank you for being so stupidly drunk that you gave me something interesting to blog about, not to mention the pictures.

"Becky" would also like to thank all the dumb asses on yahoo who believe that she's a 21-year-old, bi-sexual, college student, who works at the strip club, and owns her own house, yet has nothing to actually prove it. You guys keep me so entertained for hours at a time.

Once again, yes I know that I am an asshole so no need to remind me.

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