Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drunk Mexicans on a Friday Before 5 PM

It never ceases to amaze me, the quantity of alcohol that most Mexicans seem able to tolerate.

While at work yesterday, I happen to look out the window at around 4:20 PM. I happen to see 2 men stumbling around outside.

Still several hours away from Happy Hour, these 2 guy were completely lit up. I mean they could barely even stand, let alone walk to where ever the hell they were headed to anyways.

This is where at all got even more interesting.

Both too drunk to stand, they decided to plop themselves right on my in-laws yard. The first guys pulls out a bottle of what I figured was more then likely rum, and just drank the rest of the bottle straight. As if already, he just wasn't drunk enough.

Well I wasn't going to miss this photo opt, so like the paparazzi, I pulled out my cell phone and started taking pictures from the house.

Here we see the 2 Drunk Mexicans (who are more then likely not Mexican at all, but in fact Salvadorians) laying in some awkward drunken embrace on my in-laws front lawn.

Here we see the 2 Drunk Mexicans still laying on the front lawn. Drunk Mexican #2 appears to be trying to sit himself up...

Drunk Mexican #2 was actually checking to see if his buddy, Drunk Mexican #1, was passed out enough for him to attempt to rob him.

Drunk Mexican #1 got up briefly and Drunk Mexican #2 convinced him to lay back down. Notice how Drunk Mexican #2 looks restless at this point.

Drunk Mexican #2 waits a while, then attempts to rob Drunk Mexican #1... again...

I guess Drunk Mexican #1 wasn't as stoned cold passed out and Drunk Mexican #2 had assumed. Soon after this picture was taken, they both drunkenly stood up, exchanged words, and then stumbled their own separate ways.

I watched as Drunken Mexican #1 went into the house next door. Apparently, he's my in-laws next door neighbor.

Good job, you Drunken Mexicans. Good job.

Not only did you manage to get shit-faced before 5 in the afternoon, you also happen to pass out on the wrong lawn, almost get robbed... twice, have your pictures taken, and then posted on the Internet.

Of course they'll never find out about it cause I'm pretty sure, neither one of them are even computer literate. And so goes on the life of a wetback.

I almost feel sorry for Drunk Mexican #1. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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