Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Needless to say, this election has been a really big deal.

On the red side, we have a guy who's promising to continue the same failing politics that this country has already been suffering from for the last 8 years. He's the classic old white military has been that all the rich whiteys will be routing for.

His running mate is the cutest little hockey mom, who more then half of the time, has absolutely no idea what the hells going on, not to mention that she thinks that Russia is in her backyard (though I must admit, that there is something about her ditzyness on foreign issues, and politics in general that just makes her, oh so darn adorable).

On the blue side, we have a guy who while technically black, I'm still not really convinced, about his ethnicity or his what exactly he plans to change. He talks a good game, but is it all talk, or is he really going to be able to save the nation from this hellhole that George Dubya has put us in?

His running mate seems to be more then questionable since its been pointed out on more then one occasion that this old white geezer has sided with Dubya, over and over again, and has only recently become somewhat Democratic.

If you ask me, we're fucked either way.

Though I originally had no plans to vote since both parties are very questionable to me, I was pressured into it by just about everyone I know.

"You have to vote. It's your civic duty". Blah, blah, blah.

I finally decided to take my lazy ass to the voting booth, and I almost voted for Sen. Obama. As I stared at the voting ballot, I noticed a name that I had seen on the ballot 4 years ago.

And though Ralph Nader doesn't seem to ever actually campaign, his name always somehow ends up on the ballot.

I don't know much about Nader other then he's against the war in Iraq, at least, that's what I've read about him.

I figured that if Obama isn't able to make the changes that he's been promising, and McCain turns the U.S. into a third world country, well you can't blame me. I voted for Nader.

And because the District of Columbia is known for being a blue state (city, whatever), I figured that in the end, my vote for Nader wasn't going to do much harm overall.

And so I voted for Ralph Nader.

Ya'll wanted me to vote, and so I did. Joke was on you. How's that for a "fuck you"?

This country is so fucked. I'm moving to Canada.

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