Monday, August 5, 2013

Facebook Fun With Billiard

As a married couple, Billiard and I hated each other.  I really did hate him as a person.  To be quite honest, none of that has really changed.

I still don't really like him as a person, which is probably why people find it strange that we're friends on Facebook.  And as if being friends with your ex-wife isn't strange enough, the comments I tend to post on his page aren't much better.

Billiard isn't the greatest for paying child support on time, or in full for that matter.  He's pretty much as this meme describes:

Yep... That's Billiard.  Greatest man alive, wouldn't you agree?

Every now and again, I like to set him up for jabs on Facebook.  Random things like implying threesomes and low blows reminding him how he cheated on me when we were married.  

Again, I don't know why he stays friends with me on Facebook, though if I had to guess it's probably because he's always found me amusing. 

This last post started out innocently enough, but then.... dun dun dun... Enjoy!:

I never knew that it was possible to be part of a happily divorced couple :D

Friday, August 2, 2013

Angels Scavenger Hunt

Today, the Boy Son turned 8 years old.

A "friend", who I refer to as "Durham", decided it would be a really cool idea that instead of just giving the Boy his gifts, that we turn it into a scavenger hunt by hiding clues around the house until he found his presents.

This was the end result:

Notice how at 1:05, he reads the question somewhat hesitantly. The question was, "What part of the car would your mom use to stuff your dads body?".

He seems to pause in a seemingly, "What the fuck, Mom?" moment.

My crazy still seems to throw him off from time to time.  Oh well....

Happy Birthday, Boogie!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Back... Again... For now...

I'm sure most of you have gotten use to my super long hiatus, with no explanation whatsoever, but if you've been following me long enough, you would have noticed a pattern:

1.  I only disappear for a lengthy amount of time when I'm in emotional ruins.

2.  There's usually a man behind it all.

Yes, I know. A man is a horrible reason to go into hiding, but I have a vagina and it bleeds at least once a month (if I'm lucky).

I never really tend to update on what has been going on in my world when I do go missing and that's ok... Because I can do that.... and eventually, it all leaks out little by little.

The point is, I'm still here.  I'm still alive.  Some people need to put down like the miserable, rabid, infested mutts that they are, (not me, because I'm awesome... and this can literally elude to just about anyone that I know because I've made quite a few enemies the last few months so it's not in reference to my last post, specifically).  But no worries, because I'm back.

Miss me, assholes?

"Why would anyone hate you?", you may be asking.

Have you not read my blog? Simply put, I'm an asshole... Duh.

Ready for my return? Cause I'm back!