Friday, August 24, 2012

Terminal 3 (LAS)

Photo Credits:
Picture Taken by BrighterNites
I didn't add this pic to my 365 the night I took it because I wasn't very fond of it originally.  The more I look at it, the more I like it.

This picture was taken at the newly built Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport (LAS).  For whatever reason, Clark County felt the need to add an additional 300 slot machines at the airport, because the hundreds of slot machines at Terminal 1 apparently, just weren't sufficient enough.

So now we have a completely new terminal away from the main terminal and none of it makes any sense.  BUT WE GET 300 NEW SLOT MACHINES AT THE AIRPORT!!!

Cause that's what Vegas needs... More slot machines...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Too Much Free Time?

It occurred to me, now that I'm trying to maintain 3 separate blogs simultaneously, that I have way too much free time on my hands.  That or my time management skills have vastly improved and my ADHD has maybe somewhat subsided.

All the same, this question popped into my mind: Is it absurd to maintain 3 blogs?

Now granted, each one of them serves a completely different purpose, but 2 of them need to be updated daily.

I've been contemplating taking on another project that would eventually turn into yet another blog, but I'm starting to think that I may have enough on my plate as is.

100 Strangers Project.  Heard of it?  I think it would be fun.  It wouldn't require daily maintenance, but a 4th blog?

I might just have to leave that one as a Flickr project instead of blogging it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello, Catie!

So apparently, my ex-husbands new girlfriend got wind of my blog and decided to have a bitch fest in his honor or some shit.

Catie, I've been blogging about the man you know as Billy for the better part of 5 years.  It's why Angry Girlfriend began.

I've always blogged anonymously, and I plan to continue to do it under the name Angry Girlfriend.  I don't wish to put my real name or the real names of people I am close to, enemies or not.

It's called venting.  Being childish is writing comments on your new boyfriend's ex-wife blogs without knowing the back story or that it is suppose to be ANONYMOUS.

I'm curious to know how you even came to know about my blog to begin with.

Here's my advise to you.  Feel free to read, even get pissed at me. I'm going to vent when people, not just Billy, piss me off.  And this is where I come to do it.

So you have 2 options. Either:

a) follow me, laugh, cry, crack a smile and/or be upset.


b)or just stay away all together.

If you want to comment, be warned, you may do so at your own risk.  But if you're going to start using real names and say that I'm lying when you don't know what's really going on because Billy is not telling you everything (and I promise you that he's not), well then, I lose my anonymity which in retrospect means I wont give a shit about yours or his for that matter.

Again, you will not like what I have to say half the time and that's fine, but if I were you, I'd come up with with a pseudonym to protect all of our identities.  Unless you like that drama, of course.

365 Bottles of Wine

I have found myself with a ridiculous amount of free time on my hands recently, hence my new photography hobby and taking on the 365 Project.

It's got me blogging again... Sorta...

With all this free time, I have nothing better to do then blog and invent new projects to keep me busy.

I drink a lot of wine.  Mostly, cause the red wine makes me poop and pooping makes me feel not fat and not being fat makes me happy.

I don't know the first thing about wine cause I normally buy the shit out the box.  Again, I drink it to poop, not for taste.  That is, until now.

Plus they have a lot of really cool looking bottles so what the hell.

So here is yet another new blog i created: 365 Bottles of Wine.

I don't intend on buying a new bottle everyday but I do intend to have tried at least 365 different bottle between now and next year.

Assuming I still have as much free time as I have had lately, this project might actually work.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sucks To Be You

In a very hilarious turn of events, I received an unexpected text message from a certain dumb fuck asking me for help.

The ex-husband of all people, had somehow found himself stranded with not enough gas in his car to make it from work back home.

Why was this so funny?

1.  When I left him (the 2nd and final time), I ran into some car problems.  Let's just say he wasn't very willing to help out back then.

2.  According to Facebook pictures, he seems to be doing quite well financially.  Going out to bars and dinner, even supporting his 20 year-old girlfriend and her son.

3.  His girlfriend doesn't work but she lives with him, which of course means he is the one paying all the bills even though he is 3 months behind on child support.

We still have a joint account together that he normally uses to transfer my child support. As I stated earlier, he's behind 3 months so the account hasn't been used.

Basically, the text conversation went like this:

Dumb Fuck: Hey. Can I use the bank card for gas?

Angry Girlfriend: Nope. No cash on it. That doesn't mean to test it either. I know how you are. DO NOT USE THE CARD

DF:  Damn I'm afraid I wont make it home from Sterling and I know I can't use my card

AG: Well you can't use that card either. I don't keep money in that account

DF: Can you transfer 10-15? Otherwise I wont make it and I don't want my parents or sister come out to VA during rush hour

AG: You much be really fucked if you're askin me for help

DF: I've told you this long ago. My parents have been helping me out.

AG: You have a girlfriend. Ask her to help you. Oh wait... That's right.. She doesn't work

DF: Can you or not? Please

I found myself in a very interesting situation where I could either:

a) Play nice and transfer him the money


b) Have a good laugh and leave him stranded

Of course, there is always a twist to what a do.  So this is what happened:

AG: I hope this is a major wake up call for you.  Don't support other people when you can't support yourself dumb fuck. I'll help you. $10 That's it. Don't go over and you're paying me back

DF: Thank you.  I will pay you back

AG: Titusville says you're welcome

Pause and think about that.  Let it sink in...Yep, that's right.  My boyfriend just sent you money to help you fill up your tank and get you home.  Well not really, but I figured it would sting his ego, because that's just the kinda ex-wife I am.  Evil and vindictive.  And then I had a good laugh and gloated in my victory as I drank my wine and thought about what a fucking loser you are.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Daddy Drama

Here we go:

My ex-husband keeps referring to me as a bitch.  Normally, I'd agree but in this case, not so much.

I have given this man every chance an opportunity to do the right thing and pay his child support. He is currently 3 months behind.

I reduced his child support in the divorce to factor in travel cost to fly back and forth from the east coast to the west coast. So remind me again why am I bitch when you haven't paid me child support in 3 months and I had to pay the travel cost for my son to fly back home?

From what I understand, you've spent the whole summer with your son dropping him off at your parents or sisters house so you could go out to party and take your girlfriend out, but I'm the bitch because all I'm asking for is what is court ordered anyways?

Doesn't sound like you've spent the time wisely to be with your son, let alone spent your money wisely.  And I don't really care what the fuck you do so long as my son is safe and you pay my child support in a timely manner.

You're serving alcohol to minors with my son around at your home, have barely spent time with the boy and you have the audacity to cry broke?!  Not my problem.

You signed the papers.  You agreed to the terms.  You're not keeping up with your half of the bargain.  But I'm the bitch?

Yeah, okay, sure.  Sounds to me like it's you.

D.A.'s office, here I come.  Good luck with that, dumb fuck.