Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Daddy Drama

Here we go:

My ex-husband keeps referring to me as a bitch.  Normally, I'd agree but in this case, not so much.

I have given this man every chance an opportunity to do the right thing and pay his child support. He is currently 3 months behind.

I reduced his child support in the divorce to factor in travel cost to fly back and forth from the east coast to the west coast. So remind me again why am I bitch when you haven't paid me child support in 3 months and I had to pay the travel cost for my son to fly back home?

From what I understand, you've spent the whole summer with your son dropping him off at your parents or sisters house so you could go out to party and take your girlfriend out, but I'm the bitch because all I'm asking for is what is court ordered anyways?

Doesn't sound like you've spent the time wisely to be with your son, let alone spent your money wisely.  And I don't really care what the fuck you do so long as my son is safe and you pay my child support in a timely manner.

You're serving alcohol to minors with my son around at your home, have barely spent time with the boy and you have the audacity to cry broke?!  Not my problem.

You signed the papers.  You agreed to the terms.  You're not keeping up with your half of the bargain.  But I'm the bitch?

Yeah, okay, sure.  Sounds to me like it's you.

D.A.'s office, here I come.  Good luck with that, dumb fuck.

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