Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Sudden Rush of Anger

It's brewing in the pit of my stomach like the perfect storm.  All hell is about to break loose and I promise, it wont be pretty.  

I've lost a lot of friends in the last year and a half.  Actually, I've lost them all.  Moving across the country and away from all the people you know has a way of ending friendships whether you were trying to end them or not.

I lost one "close" friend to a horrible case of bridezilla syndrome.  She felt the need to terminate our friendship because me moving across the country and going through a divorce interfered with her plans of me being her maid of honor.  

I was oblivious to the fact that the friendship had ended til someone else pointed it out to me.  Apparently, she had ended our friendship on Facebook, not that I would know because she had deleted me as a friend prior to the announcement, but I hadn't noticed that either.  God, I love Facebook.

Other friends started to fade away slowly.  And now, a year and a half after leaving the East Coast (for the second time), I realized that I have no friends left.  Only acquaintances.

I lie.  I have one friend left.  But that friendship is standing on the ledge and I'm about to jump. It's the reason why the storm is brewing to begin with.  This friendship will not end well, but I'll get into that once I'm back home in Vegas.  Did I mention that I've been staying out in the small town of Wake Forest, NC?  It's like being in hillbilly hell, but worse.  No beaches and no liquor stores for miles and everything closes by 10:00pm, except for the Walmart... of course.

They have a great Mediterranean food joint across the street from where I've been staying.  The hummus is awesome. I go everyday cause I don't have my car out here and it's walking distance.

How I miss the Vegas lights.  I look forward to going home and finding a new place to call home once I get back.  I think it's time to settle in and get myself rooted.  I think Vegas may possibly be home after all. 

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