Monday, August 20, 2012

Sucks To Be You

In a very hilarious turn of events, I received an unexpected text message from a certain dumb fuck asking me for help.

The ex-husband of all people, had somehow found himself stranded with not enough gas in his car to make it from work back home.

Why was this so funny?

1.  When I left him (the 2nd and final time), I ran into some car problems.  Let's just say he wasn't very willing to help out back then.

2.  According to Facebook pictures, he seems to be doing quite well financially.  Going out to bars and dinner, even supporting his 20 year-old girlfriend and her son.

3.  His girlfriend doesn't work but she lives with him, which of course means he is the one paying all the bills even though he is 3 months behind on child support.

We still have a joint account together that he normally uses to transfer my child support. As I stated earlier, he's behind 3 months so the account hasn't been used.

Basically, the text conversation went like this:

Dumb Fuck: Hey. Can I use the bank card for gas?

Angry Girlfriend: Nope. No cash on it. That doesn't mean to test it either. I know how you are. DO NOT USE THE CARD

DF:  Damn I'm afraid I wont make it home from Sterling and I know I can't use my card

AG: Well you can't use that card either. I don't keep money in that account

DF: Can you transfer 10-15? Otherwise I wont make it and I don't want my parents or sister come out to VA during rush hour

AG: You much be really fucked if you're askin me for help

DF: I've told you this long ago. My parents have been helping me out.

AG: You have a girlfriend. Ask her to help you. Oh wait... That's right.. She doesn't work

DF: Can you or not? Please

I found myself in a very interesting situation where I could either:

a) Play nice and transfer him the money


b) Have a good laugh and leave him stranded

Of course, there is always a twist to what a do.  So this is what happened:

AG: I hope this is a major wake up call for you.  Don't support other people when you can't support yourself dumb fuck. I'll help you. $10 That's it. Don't go over and you're paying me back

DF: Thank you.  I will pay you back

AG: Titusville says you're welcome

Pause and think about that.  Let it sink in...Yep, that's right.  My boyfriend just sent you money to help you fill up your tank and get you home.  Well not really, but I figured it would sting his ego, because that's just the kinda ex-wife I am.  Evil and vindictive.  And then I had a good laugh and gloated in my victory as I drank my wine and thought about what a fucking loser you are.



Anonymous said...

Keep Me Out Of Your Bloqs . K ? Thanks Much (;

Anonymous said...

What Me && Your Ex Husband , Yeah That's Riqht EX Do Is None Of Your Business ! So Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth ! I Would Really Appreciate It . You Say I'm The Child But Look At Everythinq' Your Doinq' ! It's Gettinq' Out Of Hand . Please Get Over Your Self ! (;
Side Note - Dont Try && Make It Seem Like You Run Shit Because Part Of This So Called Conversation Is Not True !
-Catie !

Angry Girlfriend said...

Curious to know how you found out about my blog. Billy loves the drama you know.

Why don't read the rest of my work so you can see who you're really dealing with.

And I wouldn't trust him if I were you... He's got a rep for cheating ;)

Angry Girlfriend

Oh and none of this was made up... He must've hide some of the text from you cause I got the whole log still on my phone just in case you wanted to see.

And I haven't gotten my child support in 3 months. No need to make that up. My bank account reflects that.

Angry Girlfriend said...

And you're right what he does in't my fucking business, but he needs to pay his child support in a timely manner.

Caitlyn Newland said...

I Hear Thinqs Just Know That .
&& Yes I Have Read All Of Your Thinqs About Billy . And That Is His Past , So It Is Not Gonna Affect Our Relationship . But Thanks For the Heads Up .

Anonymous said...

I don' t know but the gf seems to be a little upset, if the shoe fits wear it.