Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the Winner Is...

No real shocker to me that Obama was voted as president of the United States. He had great timing.

After 8 years of Dubya's bullshit, the last thing the American people wanted was more of the same bullshit.

Did race play a factor? Abso-fuckin-lutely!

Hopefully, the first major change that will come from a black man being president is that the rest of the black people in the United States will finally stop their whining about the oppression and how the white man is always trying to keep them down.

No more excuses, people. Time to get your shit together and get over whatever bullshit slavery and whatever else you people cry about.

You don't see the Latinos whining. And we get typed cased as being good at nothing more then construction and maid services all the time.

I'm sure there are a lot of angry McCain/Palin supporters who are pissed as hell, but they'll get the fuck over it. All those Joe Plumbers, hicks and rich white people must be fuming over the fact that there's going to be a black man in the presidential office.

My advice to them is, hey he's half white, so I'm sure somewhere down the line the evil white devil in him is bound to rear its ugly head. With Biden on his side, he might just turn out to be like McCain... only tanner.

As for me, no matter who I voted for this past election, I will always remain a supporter for the Democrats. I'm poor, so I really don't have choice.

But if Ralph Nader is still alive 4 years from now, and ends up on that ballot... again... Don't be surprised if I vote for Nader.

That is unless, Hillary is on the ballot. Man would it be awesome to have her run this fucked up, corrupted country.

Imagine this, "She's on her period! Hide the explosives!". Hehehe.

Obviously, I am completely ignorant about politics, and that's fine. I really couldn't give a flying fuck. In the end its all corrupted and fucked up anyways.

My point here was, African-Americans, black people, whatever you prefer to be referred as, time to let shit from the past go and stop blaming the white man for everything.

You finally got one of your people in office. We'll at least half...


stella_sabian said...

I'm sure that the choice of the President this year is successful. Obama will not only get rid of black man opression but make some other changes in the economy.

Angry Girlfriend said...

I'll cross my fingers and hope you're right!