Monday, December 15, 2008

Caught Ridin' Dirty... Again

So this time around, Cornholio was driving home... in my car.

The fucking cop was IN FRONT of him, then slowed down, changed lanes, and got behind Cornholio.

What the fuck?! Who the fuck does that?

He was pulled over for driving with a suspended car registration and this time around, a ticket was issued.

I am so disgusted with the piece of shit cop who went through the trouble of giving him a ticket.

So in one week, I've been pulled over twice for the same shit. I've got 2 repair orders and a $140 ticket. I've had enough.

This morning I took my car to Vehicle Emission, paid $74 to take the test (it's usually only $14, but I've racked up a $60 fee in late charges), and FAILED the test.

On the positive side, I got a four month extension, and my tags are no longer suspended.

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