Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun With Mr. Sparkles: Part 1

Those of you who read my blog Humiliate Me and Kick Me In the Balls, should be familiar with a character I like to call Mr. Sparkles.

Though I was certain that he wouldn't contact me after that day, I was wrong. Several days latter, he did in fact contact me.

This was our conversation:

[15:48] SubmissiveGuy: mistress i ate my shit yesturday but you signed off so i couldnt tell you how gross it was i threw up 3 times
[15:48] Evil BEE: outstanding
[15:48] Evil BEE: i'm glad to hear it
[15:49] Evil BEE: how much shit was it?
[15:51] Evil BEE:There u go making me impatient again
[15:51] Evil BEE: i take it u must want to eat more shit
[15:51] Evil BEE: or perhaps u prefer to eat s hit and beat ur dick with a rock at the same time
[15:51] Evil BEE: fuckin moron cant do shit right can u'
[15:51] Evil BEE: answer me u fuckin dumb ass
[15:52] SubmissiveGuy: yes i can mistress im sorry my computer froze
[15:52] Evil BEE: sounds like a personal problem
[15:52] Evil BEE: and i dont care for personal problems
[15:53] Evil BEE: i'd like u to go fuck urself in the ass with a stick
[15:53] Evil BEE: and think about how beautiful my feet are and how u'll never get to worship them at the rate ur going
[15:53] SubmissiveGuy: as you wish mistress
[15:54] SubmissiveGuy: what type of stick?
[15:54] Evil BEE: it could be a broom stick for all i care, just ram it up there hard and fast
[15:55] Evil BEE: make it hurt jackass
[15:55] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress do u want my ass to bleed
[15:55] Evil BEE: of course i DO! itd be pointless otherwise
[15:56] Evil BEE: u know christmas is around the corner, i may let u buy me something but u really need to get ur shit together and do what i tell u when i tell u to do it
[15:56] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[15:56] SubmissiveGuy: understood
[15:56] Evil BEE: now go fuck ur ass with that stick dumbass
[15:56] Evil BEE: go now!
[15:57] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress going now
[16:08] SubmissiveGuy: Mistress its hard for me to sit down now my ass is so sore
[16:08] Evil BEE: thats not my fuckin problem
[16:08] Evil BEE: dont complain
[16:08] Evil BEE: i hate people who complain
[16:08] SubmissiveGuy: im not complaining mistress
[16:08] SubmissiveGuy: im just telling you is all
[16:08] Evil BEE: well i didnt ask u
[16:09] SubmissiveGuy: sorry mistress next time i will wait till you ask me
[16:09] Evil BEE: i think u need to pinch ur nipples til they turn red and sore
[16:09] SubmissiveGuy: as u wish mistress
[16:09] Evil BEE: u wanna whine, i'll give u a reason to whine
[16:11] SubmissiveGuy: *gulp*
[16:15] Evil BEE: have u ever tasted ur own semen, Mr. Sparkles?
[16:15] SubmissiveGuy: no mistress
[16:15] Evil BEE: I think u'd like to wouldnt u?
[16:16] SubmissiveGuy: Yes mistress yes i do make me a cum eater mistress
[16:16] Evil BEE: good boy Mr. Sparkles
[16:17] Evil BEE: I want you to ass fuck urself until u come and i want u to shot off in a cup and drink every last bit of it
[16:17] Evil BEE: even if u have to take a spoon and scoop it out, i want u to eat every last drop of it
[16:17] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[16:17] SubmissiveGuy: i will
[16:18] Evil BEE: Well u better get to it, Mr. Sparkles
[16:18] Evil BEE: I want you to tell me how good it taste when ur all done
[16:19] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[16:23] Evil BEE: U know what Mr. Sparkles? ur such a good pet
[16:24] Evil BEE: i'd like u to start emailing me when i'm not around to let me know of all the things u;ve been doing to make me proud
[16:24] Evil BEE: because i know that u just love to eat ur cum for me
[16:24] SubmissiveGuy: if that is what you want mistress
[16:24] Evil BEE: and i know ur gonna do it even when i'm not here to tell u to do
[16:24] SubmissiveGuy: im about to cum in the cup
[16:24] Evil BEE: because u want to make me happy, dont u
[16:24] Evil BEE: do it
[16:24] Evil BEE: do IT!
[16:25] SubmissiveGuy: i just cumed
[16:25] Evil BEE: eat it all up Mr. Sparkles
[16:25] Evil BEE: i want ur cup empty
[16:25] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[16:26] SubmissiveGuy: im eating it right now
[16:26] SubmissiveGuy: and it tastes great
[16:26] Evil BEE: good boy
[16:26] Evil BEE: ur making your Mistress very happy
[16:26] SubmissiveGuy: i will eat my cum every single day for you and every night
[16:27] Evil BEE: good boy
[16:28] Evil BEE:i want you to email me everytime that u've eaten ur cum for me if i'm not here online
[16:28] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[16:28] Evil BEE: Maybe if u make me happy, i might send u some pictures of my feet for u to worship
[16:28] Evil BEE: but have to make me happy and be a good slave
[16:29] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress
[16:29] SubmissiveGuy: i will be the best cum eating slave ever
[16:29] Evil BEE: do u have a camera Mr. Sparkles?
[16:29] SubmissiveGuy: i wish i did mistress =(
[16:30] Evil BEE: well u need to buy one. I want you take pictures for me of you in some pretty dresses and make up
[16:30] Evil BEE: i want u to look like a pretty sissy boy
[16:30] SubmissiveGuy: would u like to see some that i already have
[16:31] Evil BEE: only if they are different from the ones u've already shown me
[16:31] SubmissiveGuy: i have one of me that looks like i have fake boobs
[16:31] SubmissiveGuy: and idk when i will have a camera
[16:33] SubmissiveGuy: i also have one pic of me in a thong
[16:33] Evil BEE: sne dme the thong pic
[16:33] Evil BEE: and u need to know when u'll have a camera, because if u want me to be ur Mistress U MUST have a camera
[16:34] SubmissiveGuy:
[16:34] SubmissiveGuy: i will try to get a camera asap
[16:34] Evil BEE: I know u will cause u dont want to piss me off
[16:35] SubmissiveGuy: (this is the thong from the back)
[16:36] Evil BEE: well arent u all pretty in ur thong?
[16:36] Evil BEE: looks like u didnt wedge it up ur ass far enough
[16:36] SubmissiveGuy: i should of given myself a super wedgie
[16:37] Evil BEE: yes u should've
[16:37] Evil BEE: however, i'm sure u'll do that for me
[16:37] SubmissiveGuy: yes i will mistress
[16:38] Evil BEE: good boy
[16:39] Evil BEE: how many thongs do u currently own?
[16:41] SubmissiveGuy: 0 all my girl clothes were thrown out when i moved i need to buy new clothes
[16:41] Evil BEE: Oh Mr. Sparkles... looks like we have a lot of work to do with u
[16:41] Evil BEE: u need pink lacy thongs, a few dresses, a camera
[16:42] Evil BEE: u need to get ur shit together because these are all things u must have
[16:42] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress im trying
[16:43] Evil BEE: i see i'm gonna have to put together a list for u of things that i need u to get
[16:43] Evil BEE: ur gonna get a nice ass whipping for being so ill prepared
[16:43] SubmissiveGuy: as you wish mistress
[16:44] Evil BEE: I must go now, but i expect u to punish urself by finding a paddles of some sort and beating ur ass cheeks till they get nice a red
[16:45] SubmissiveGuy: yes mistress i shall
[16:46] Evil BEE: if u do as i say, i'll have a nice wish list ready for u so u can get me a few nice things for Christmas, but only if ur a good slave
[16:46] Evil BEE: dont fuck things up.. i rarely give second chances
[16:46] SubmissiveGuy: Yes mistress i wont fail
[16:46] Evil BEE: u better not
[16:48] Evil BEE: i expect u to have a camera by the Monday, i'm being very lenient so you better have it done
[16:48] SubmissiveGuy: Yes mistress as you wish
[16:48] SubmissiveGuy: i will talk to u later
[16:48] Message: SubmissiveGuy is offline

I'm posting this blog pretty late and there have been quite a few developments since this conversation.

I'll keep posting as things progress, so stay tuned to my series of Fun with Mr. Sparkles. Believe me, it gets very interesting....


Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


Dan said...

im not trying to be rude, but is this male or a female, i'v seen some pictures and still can't tell

Angry Girlfriend said...

Mr. Sparkles is indeed a man... I think... A very large, fat, unemployed man with way too much time on his hands... And with way bigger boobs then me.

Angry Girlfriend