Friday, July 11, 2008

HOA Can Kiss My Ass

I was getting ready for work this morning when I happened to look outside the window and notice that my car wasn't outside.

Most people would've probably first assumed that their car had been stolen, but I knew that this was the work of those low life, money-hungry, ass fucking bastards from the HOA (that's Home Owners Association for those of you who don't have a clue what HOA stands for).

I called up the towing company and sure enough, they had my car. The reason I was towed? Apparently, my parking permit has magically become invalid. The guy from the towing company told me that I needed to talked to the management over by where I live, but I had already figured that on my own.

These people from the HOA, have had it out for us since we bought the place. I think the main bitch, Terry, is just a bias hater who's mad that 2 young spics could afford to live in her neighborhood. After all, we were only 24-years-old when we bought the place.

This fat, bitch has made it more then obvious that she has had it out for us since the beginning.

When we had first moved into the neighborhood, it was obvious that we were the youngest family living on the block. We had tons of parties just about every weekend, but we were always cautious not to let things get too out of control since we didn't want any problems with any of the neighbors.

However, about a year after buying our house, the HOA people, (ahem, *cough* bitch, ass, Terry, *cough*), decided that they needed to start issuing parking passes. We don't live in new neighborhood. This neighborhood was developed sometime back in the late 70's, early 80's.

I think everyone in the neighborhood is well aware that we're what cause Terry to decide that she needed to mandate parking passes.

What's wrong Terry? You jealous cause my 26-year-old boyfriend was able to support us off of one income for 2 years while you and your sorry ass husband both had to work jobs I'm sure you both hated just to pay the same bills we're paying?

Yeah, I guess I'd be pissed too, especially if I was as fat and grotesque as you are. Not to mention that you suck at your job.

Why is it that in the 3 years we've been living here, the HOA fee has gone up by $20 every fucking year. What are you doing wrong for that to happen?

Stupid bitch.

This isn't the first time that bitch, ass, Terry has had my car towed, but you better believe it's gonna be the last time.

Oh, and guess who's about to join the HOA? That's right, bitch! MEEEEEE!

I'll see you at the next meeting. Fucking cunt.

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Anonymous said...

wow, she sounds like a rel bitch.
you guys should probably move.
i'd be so mad if i were u.