Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Look At Me! I'm Having Sex!

I have a fetish for having sex in public. But it's not the run of the mill type shit like the people who like doing it cause of the rush of maybe getting caught.

Nope, that would be way too simple. Anyone can have sex in public and not get caught. My adrenaline rush comes from actually getting caught.

That's right! I like getting caught having sex. Well more like, I like being watched having sex.

This past weekend for example, I went on a trip with Cornholio, my friend, Shorty and her man. We rented one room with double beds and we all knew that we'd all end up having sex in the same room at the same time, but I guess everyone assumed that we would be discrete about it.

I knew better then that. It's not fun for me if I'm trying to be discrete. Besides, it's not like it would be the first time we've seen each other having sex.

Well anyways, to make a long perverted story a short perverted story, we rented to different hotels during this weekend.

At the first hotel, we did some very explicit things and apparently we were all pretty loud. Could've been alcohol induced since we were all hammered, but then again we probably would've been just as loud sober.

At the second hotel, while we were all sober, Shorty and her man went to the bathroom to go fornicate while Cornholio and I had sex in on the beds. Apparently, it was suppose to be a quickie, but neither I nor Cornholio received the memo.

Shorty and her man were stuck with the decision of either waiting it out in the bathroom, or coming out and crashing.

Shorty came out on 2 or 3 occasions to tell us to shut up and finish already, which of course made me scream and moan even louder.

She later described the event in these words, "You know when you're watching a porn and fucking at the same time, and then you finish but you still hear the bitch in the porn screaming wishing that you could find the remote so you can shut it off already? Yeah, that's what it was like".

Did I just get compared to the bitch screaming in a porn? Really? Hell yea! I rock!

I have to admit that every time Shorty came out to yell at us, it turned me on even more. She should've pulled up a seat and watched like I did to her this one time.

Oh, well. Maybe next time....


Average Joe said...

Next step: selling you and "Cornholios" webcam conquests online at a discounted rate. LMAO

Angry Girlfriend said...

You know I've actually already thought about that...

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one with that fantasy. U kno, u always have this way of making me feel less weird. U do rock! Lol

- terrorist