Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Angry Girlfriends Guide to the Female Orgasm

The secret to a woman’s orgasm is something that has eluded men, (and yes, even some women) for centuries.

Unlike a man’s sexual organ, a woman’s sexual organ is concealed. This could be part of the reason why the female orgasm has been so elusive to so many. With a penis, it’s all out there in the open. No secret tricks. You know exactly what you’re dealing with, and how to handle it.

I should probably point out that ejaculating and an orgasm are not the same, contrary to popular beliefs.

Ejaculation is when fluid is discharged from a penis (semen) or vagina (the exact source of what fluid is ejaculated from a woman’s vagina is still being debated).

For a man, ejaculation is usually accompanied by an orgasm, although it is possible for a man to ejaculate without having and orgasm and vise versa.

For woman, ejaculation is usually caused by pressure applied to the g-spot which is located in the front vaginal wall, and in my personal experience, there’s about a 50/50 chance that an orgasm will soon follow.

An orgasm is the intense feeling of physical pleasure that is caused by muscle contractions in the lower pelvis region.

So now that we have those basic definitions covered, onto the topic at hand: The female orgasm and how to achieve it.

The simplest way to for a female to achieve an orgasm is by stimulating the clitoris. Sorry to break it to you guys, but all that thrusting in and out, really doesn’t do much for us. Don’t get me wrong. It feels great and all, but truth be known, only about 30% of woman can achieve and orgasm through penetration alone, though I believe it to be much less then that.

So how do you create that stimulation that we need to climax?

Well, oral sex is always a plus. Most women enjoy the feeling of cunnilingus and chances are she will be more then happy to reciprocate the favor to a man with a gifted tongue.

Hand jobs are also a great way to stimulate the clitoris, though I should remind you that focus should be kept on the clitoris. We do enjoy fingering, but that alone isn’t going to get us to climax. Think clitoris.

Rubbing on the clitoris during intercourse will also get the job done and is much appreciated. Some woman, if not shy, will also be more then happy to masturbate themselves while you guys do the thrusting.

Now there is one loophole to having a woman achieve orgasm through penetration which doesn’t involve anything other then a good hard dick: woman on top, also known as riding.

When a woman is riding a man, friction between the clitoris and the man’s pubic hair will normally cause enough stimulation to the clitoris for a woman to achieve orgasm (and I bet you guys thought that your pubic hairs served no purpose).

So guys, trim. Don’t shave. We need your pubic hairs.

Follow these simple rules and you can almost rest assure that we didn't fake an orgasm. And no matter what you think, believe me, you really can't tell whether or not we faked it because we're just that good at it.

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