Friday, September 28, 2007

Angry Girlfriends Guide to Safer Oral Sex

In a day and age where the internet has become the main tool for society to learn about a wide range of subjects from the new and latest technology, to celebrity gossip, it shocks me that still so many people seem unaware of the dangers of oral sex when the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Most people are well aware about the proper precautions when it comes to sexual intercourse and yet when it comes to oral sex, so many people seem to have this false sense of security that performing oral sex is safer then sexual intercourse.

As we all know, a woman cannot become pregnant from either giving nor receiving oral sex, and that may very well be, in part, the reason that so many have gained this false sense of security that oral sex is safer.

The threat of contracting an STI from oral sex is very much real though many people seem completely oblivious to this fact. Yes, it is true that you are less likely to contract an STI from oral sex then from vaginal intercourse, but the fact remains, that the risks are there.

During oral sex an STI can spread from the genital area to the mouth and vise versa. They pass between people through body fluid or through direct contact with skin or sores.

It is possible to contract gonorrhea, Chlamydia, or syphilis in your mouth and/or throat. Herpes is the most common STI contracted from unsafe practices of oral sex.

Sounds pretty ugly, doesn’t it?

So how do you protect yourself from contracting a STI and still be able to enjoy oral sex?

To protect yourself during the act of fellatio (blow job), it’s actually pretty simple. I’m sure you’ve all seen those flavored condoms while at the drug store and have probably wondered to yourself at some point or another, “What’s the deal with those flavored condoms? How would I taste them unless I put it in my mouth? Seems kinda pointless”.

I never did understand how some people could be so clueless about the purpose of flavored condoms. Flavored condoms were designed with the intent that you DO put them in your mouth… while giving your boyfriend head. It creates a barrier so that no bodily fluids are exchanged, thus helping to prevent the transmission of an STI from one partner to another.

Some men may claim that the act of oral sex doesn’t feel as good with a condom then oral sex without the use of a condom. Though using a condom to perform oral sex may decrease sensitivity to the penis, there are ways to make oral sex enjoyable with the use of a condom.

Simply apply a lubricant, such as KY Jelly or Astroglide, to the inside of the condom BEFORE placing the condom onto the penis. This is to simulate the feeling of saliva on the penis that would normally be felt during oral sex without a condom.

Because most men tend to be visually stimulated, seeing their partner performing oral sex on them will tend to get them off with or without a condom. Don’t listen to any excuses that using a condom during oral sex will prevent him from having an orgasm.

Moving on to cunnilingus…

To protect yourself during the act of cunnilingus (eating out), you have several options. Dental dams are usually recommended. Dental dams are a late barrier, but unfortunately can sometimes be very hard to find.

A second option, which is just as efficient, is a regular condom, cut in half. You would place this condom over the vulva and it would create a barrier between mouth to vagina contact.

A third, and final option, is plastic wrap, such as saran wrap. I know this may shock some people, but using saran wrap as a barrier to perform cunnilingus does really work. But you should remain cautious while using saran wrap since it can tear easily if punctured by a fingernail.

Just like with the men, rubbing a little lubricant on the side of the barrier that will be placed down on the vulva can stimulate the warm feeling of saliva that would be naturally felt if a barrier were not used.

Just like with sexual intercourse, oral sex can still be enjoyable with the use of condoms, dental dams, and saran wrap. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to take a safer approach to oral sex.


Late Bloomer said...

Hey there Angry Girlfriend.

I was reading your guide to safer oral sex which I found to be quite useful.

I have a few questions that I wanted to ask you since you seem to know a lot about this subject.

I am a 46 year old married woman. I recently performed oral sex on my husband with a condom after reading one of your articles about safer oral sex.

My husband liked it, although he did tell me later that I was sucking too hard. Have you heard of that before?

Also, what’s the deal with cunnilingus?

Do you think that guys really enjoy going down on a female or do they just do it out of obligation?

My husband has actually never even tried to perform oral sex on me. How do you suggest that I bring this topic up and get him to do it?

I'd really appriciate it if you could answer these questions for me.

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