Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Red Panda

This is an old blog I wrote before blogging was the 'in-thing' to do. It's pretty funny, well at least to me it is. I'm guessing that I wrote this blog back sometime in 2002 or 2003. I had originally posted this on one of my many pages. This one was posted under the user name S0RAYA.

I remember writing this because the media was making a such a huge deal about the Red Panda coming to The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. I had never seen nor ever heard of the Red Panda and when they finally showed what the Red Panda looked like on T.V., I was pretty pissed off.

So here's my old blog on the Red Panda:

This Weeks Topic: The Red Panda

I know this topic seems odd, but seriously, what is the big deal over these ‘Red Pandas’?

Let’s be for real here. They’re not really pandas at all. They sure don’t look like pandas. They look more like Red Raccoons, and what’s so great about a raccoon that the Zoo feels the need to put them on display?

I think the Zoo is scamming people. They’re trying to charge people to see some raccoons that they probably caught digging around in the garbage cans. Then they take the little bastards and dye their fur red, find an empty cage where some other animal has probably just dropped dead and label them 'Red Pandas'.

People walk by theses cages and see 'Red Pandas' and are like 'Wow. Look, Bob. A Red Panda, never seen one of those before. I didn’t even know there was a Red Panda.’

Well no shit, you dumb ass! That’s cause they’re not fucking Pandas at all!! They’re Raccoons!!

Let’s examine the evidence now shall we?

Exhibit #1: Here we have an ordinary Panda

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Exhibit #2: Now this is what the zoo wants us 2 believe is a 'Red Panda'

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Exhibit #3: Now here is a regular Raccoon

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Now I ask you all to sit there and ask yourselves; is the 'Red Panda' really a panda at all?

I think the pictures speak for themselves...*snickers* yea right, 'Red Pandas' my ass...

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Anonymous said...

So when did you learn that you were retarded? It must have been hard for you.