Monday, September 24, 2007

Is Your Life Book Worthy?

There was a time when only the most notable people in the world and throughout history would be privileged enough to have a book written and published about their lives. These people were people who, in one way or another, made a big social impact that influenced humanity, a nation and sometimes, even the world, though not always for the better of mankind. Certain people who come to mind are Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Jesus, Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Socrates, and yes, even Hitler.

Nowadays, even the most average of average Joes can have a book written and published. It’s pretty senseless in my opinion. After all, even a person who has lived the most mundane and boring life can have a best seller with a lot of exaggerating and good editing.

I think we all know the recipe to make a best seller: lots of sex and lots of drama. We as human beings seem to take pleasure in knowing that other people have had it worse then us. We’re all somewhat of a sadist, though most people wouldn’t want to admit that they really do enjoy reading and hearing about the misery and suffering that others have endured in their lifetime.

But it’s true. Why else would the autobiography books written by some unknown person that no one knows or cares about but includes such topics as incest, rape, violent murders, sexual escapades, and all the other most gruesome things that life has to offer make the best sellers list, while books about religion, science and other such things written by known religious leaders, well-known scientist, etc., are often walked right pass without as much as a second glance?

We, as humans, don’t care to hear about the good in humanity. What peaks our interest are all the sexual, dark and morbid things that life has to offer. That’s what makes a best seller.

We don’t care about the prodigy child that so brilliant, she speaks 5 languages fluently, manages to graduate from Harvard University at 14-years-old and graduated law school at 16, and actually waits until she is married to lose her virginity.

We want to read about the woman who, as a child, was molested by her cousin at the age of 8. By 12 was addicted to cocaine. At 14 was a full blown heroin addict and had given birth to her 1st child. Started turning tricks at 15, and was still turning tricks and pregnant with her 2nd child at 16. At 18, she’s brutally raped and severely beaten by a john and is pregnant yet again. Then suddenly, she has some sort of life altering experience that more then likely was all a mere hallucination caused by all the drugs she’s consumed over her life time, at 21.

She finally gets a legitimate job that pays minimum wage and has come off the drugs, and is now fighting the state for custody of her now 4 kids that she lost sometime between turning tricks and the life altering experience. She’s enrolled in college and has dedicated herself to becoming a lawyer. She manages to get her kids back, get her law degree and finally becomes a successful person and is very well-off by the time she’s 33. Then one night when she’s 45, her house is broken into in the middle of the night. She is raped, tortured, and the house is set on fire with her and her 4 children all inside, bound and gagged. They all parish in the fire, but the story, if told, would make an instant best seller.

So now think to yourself. In all honesty, if you could write a book about yourself without any exaggerations, do you really think that your life is book worthy? Have you really suffered that much in your lifetime that others may actually give a shit enough to pick up a copy of your book and read what you’ve been through? I think the answer to this is question for most people would be simple: NO.

No matter how bad you think you’ve had it, chances are that someone else has been through all you’ve been through and worse. The only reason you think its book worthy is because it happened to you. I hate to tell you, but you’re no more interesting the rest of us, so get over yourself and move on. Unless your life was truly extraordinary and not your run-of-the-mill sob story and you actually did have to overcome more obstacles then most without exaggeration, we don’t care do read your life story.

Angry Girlfriend: The Untold Story
“I think that most people think that their lives are book worthy. Myself included! But let me tell you why mine would actually sell: Lots of sex! My book would have stories of strippers, cross dressing prostitutes, lots of drugs and booze, lesbians, wild fantasies being played out with a phone sex operator, and lots of wild, kinky sex stories. The best part is, all the stories would be real. Nothing would be exaggerated! All true stories of things that I've lived through. Still not sold? Oh well, fuck it! I tried!”

Soraya – In response to the question “Do you think your life would be book worthy?”

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