Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun on Craigslist: Short Short Man Part III

I know that I said that I was gonna have this posted last Friday, but whatever. It's one week late. You'll get over it...

The Finale of Short Short Man

Short Short Man - w4m - 22 (Seattle)

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Date: 2009-02-26, 10:00AM PST

So here's the deal...

I've had sex with several guys who are of average length... The problem is that it hurts...
I'd like to experience some pretty wild and crazy, fun sex... but with a guy who is 6 inches or below.

I'm 22 year old white female, D&D free, and I'm interested in meeting up with someone possibly tomorrow or sometime this weekend.

The only thing I ask of you is that you be at no more then 6 inches and also D&D free.

Victim #1
I'm a 6.. Tell me about yourself

My Reply:
I am a bit of a sexual deviant with fetishes for the abnormal.

I like shooting skittles out of my vagina as it demonstrates to my potential sex partner the muscle control that I possess. My only sexual flaw is that my vagina is unfortunately shallow and therefor I cannot handle a penis over 6 inches long.

I do however, appreciate having foreign objects stuffed into my anal capacity.

I'd like to share more with you, but I want to make sure that you are still game with everything that I have mentioned thus far.

His Reply:
Haha Id like to see the skittles thing.. Maybe we could try m&m's, let them
Melt and I could lick it off.. Do you like getting oral?

My Reply:
I prefer skittles because they don't melt like M&M which could result in your truly getting a yeast infection... I would know... Been there, done that...

I love oral. I like it when my clitoris is licked then pinched and slightly bitten.

I also like to give oral but only on the condition that you urinate in my mouth. I'm also into bondage and would like to tie you to bed post and blind fold you, and then have you guess what I'm going to do to you next or when I'm coming back to untie you.

I like to play this game I call "slave", but to play that game, I'd need you to take at least a week off of work, as it will involve me moving you to various locations and possibly a high speed chase. But don't worry, I promise to cover all court cost if something is to happen and we get caught and I can draft something up for you in writing if you'd like.

His Reply:
WTF!! Sounds crazy but unfortunatly I'm in the military so I can't get a dull week off and and trouble with the cops can't happen seeing how I am a military cop.. But I'm totally into trying anything

My Reply:
A Military Cop? That's really creeps me out. I have a phobia of government personnel... especially people in the military because most of the time they are mentally unstable.
Victim #2:
6-2, 205....5.5 inches....muscular/athletic/discreet...dark hair and eyes..

in wallingford..


cum explore..


My Reply:
Are you into golden showers by any chance? I get turned on by having guys pee in my mouth...

His Reply:

yes...certainly will "shower" you..

your pic?


Victim #3:
Hi Im Josh from DT Seattle. I am right at 6 inches, maybe a little less. Let me know what you have in mind. Do u have a pic?

My Reply:
you think that's 6 inches? LOL
You don't have to lie hun... I specifically asked for small wieners and I think we got a winner! So what kinda kinky things to you wanna do to me with that thing? Are you into bondage by any chance?

************************************************************************************* Victim #4:
Hi...I am what you are looking for. Dont know what else your requirements r but take a look at what I have in that realm....and shoot me back an email.

My Reply:
omg its soooo tiny... you are perfect... any plans for tomorrow... how were you blessed with such a tiny little pecker... its like the size of a 2 year olds, only wider...its soo cute and little i'll even let you fuck me up the ass....i dont know if i wanna smack it or kiss it... i dont care what your face looks like... you have the cutest little penis i've ever seen...

His Reply:
Hmm, is this for real?

First of all, it's not that small!!! LOL Second of all, don't smack it! kiss it, maybe put it in your mouth and suck, maybe stroke it or sit on it, but no violence to the penis... May I see a picture of you now?

My Reply:
honey its not violence... but we all love in different ways... my love for penis is just a little rougher and somewhat abnormal then most...

His Reply:
LOL as long as it doesn't bruise, hurt for a long time and doesn't fall off...LOL So, where am I putting it?

My Reply:
well theres not many places to put it... its so tiny...

but I'll let u stick it in my little tight puss infected vaginal cave...

I can't get over how cute and small it is. I wish I could just stick it in my pocket

Victim #5:
hi i can help, if u have a pussy pic i have a cock shot, if we like what we see we can do face shots, fare?

My Reply:
I like how you think.... I'll send you a pussy shot as soon as I get home and upload it...
in the meanwhile, tell me about the kinda things your into... I'm also interested in being as kinky and naughty as possible...
sorry for the late response...

His Reply:
hi nice to hear from u too, so u like to get kinky huh, or naughty hmmmmmmm

what about down right nasty, whats the nastiest think u have ever done? be honest, i will be, i have seen things and done things u wont belive,,,,,,,,,,,lol, out side the box too r u at work? i played hooky today r u thinking nasty thoughts right now mmmmmmmm;o)~(!)

My Reply:
ooo boy... well i'm a pretty naughty little slut... I once had sex with my dads best friend... He was 39 and I was 18 at the time... He made me tie him up and I took down his pants and he was wearing these cute little red and pink thongs... they actually turned out to be my thongs that he had stolen from me

I brushed a knife up the side of his cock and he was in pure ecstasy that he nearly ejaculated right then and there. I then squatted over his face and lowered my warm moist cunt over his face and brush my bushy pubs into his mouth. Then he screamed something like "Release the dam!" and I began to urinate in his mouth...

He said it felt like a warm fountain, trickling down his throat and he drank every drop of my very warm lemonade. He then instructed me to pour honey on his fully erected cock and to let my family pet... a golden retriever, lick every last drop of honey of his love shaft.

That made me a little jealous so I got down on all fours like the dog and began to fight with the dog for control of licking my lovers love tool.

Anyways that's just one of many interesting stories I have... how about u?

His Reply:
very nice, and very naughty, i love being pissed on, i also love pissing in ur asshole while im cumming
im 37 just so u know, and i love nasty little girls u mentioned ur pet retriever. male or female? i have a very nice story bout my friend and her german sheppard, if ur ok with that have u ever let ur pup lick ur cunt, mmmmmmmm u on all 4's sounds hot can u open pics where u r now tell me more get my cock hard, so i can jack off for u ;o)~(!)


Stay Tuned to next time as I post an ad in Philly pretending to be a 45 year old cougar....

I don't know when it'll get posted but it might not be for another 2 weeks just because I can't really sit around and do this at work because there are people "watching" me.

They pretend like they're not, but they totally are...

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