Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Calling Dr. Ugly

I was watching this show called The Doctors the other day and noticed that one of the doctors, Dr. Travis Stork is really hot.

The strangest thoughts then came to mind. I could never have a doctor who I found attractive do any work on me because they're hot and I would more then likely start thinking sexual thoughts about them which would be awkward especially if said doctor was like my OBG-YN.

I mean imagine sitting there spread eagle and Dr. Sexy Man or Dr. Sexy Woman walks in and started to prob around down there.

I don't think I could handle it. I might accidentally have an orgasm or something. That's a very real possibility for me considering that I once had an orgasm while getting a tattoo.

Now thinking about it, I don't think that overly attractive people should be allowed to be doctors because it's a distraction and its weird.

There should be like some kinda regulation that no doctor can be more then mildly attractive in order to practice medicine amongst the general public.

All the pretty ones should be put on T.V. so I can sit there and stare at them obsessively and fantasize about them all day. Maybe masturbate to them once or twice... Maybe more then that... Who knows?

Like Dr. Rey, from Dr. 90210. Another hot doctor. I could never go to him for any work because he's hot in a metrosexual kinda way.

Now thinking about it, I haven't seen any hot female doctors on T.V. or in real life for that matter. What the hell is that all about?



Average Joe said...

Um does Greys Anatomy ring a bell?

Angry Girlfriend said...

Those are fake doctors... Actors, duh...

They totally don't even count.

I was referring to real woman doctors, not paid actresses.