Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nap Time For Grown Ups

I remember when there was a time that it was expected of me to go lie down and take a nap... Of course in those days, I'd fight at nap time because I would rather be off doing something else, but now that I look back, I miss those days.

How I long for the a time in the day when I can turn off the cell phone and work phone and not answer to anyone because it's nap time.

I have nap time on the weekends but, I really feel that there should be like some kinda mandated work time, nap time. Like a siesta that they do over in Mexico.

It makes sense.

Mexicans are more productive because they get to nap in the middle of the day, while people here in the states work lazily just counting down the time until they can clock out and go home.

I think I should start a new campaign for a Nap Time for Grown Ups.

We could like sign petitions and lobby to congress to make them pass a law that mandates a 2-3 hour work, nap policy.

The best part of the nap policy would be that you would still get paid for those hours.

Why hasn't anyone ever thought of this?

I'm so brilliant.

Pure genius.

Who wants to join me for my Nap Time for Grown Ups campaign?


steph said...

I have always thought we would be a lot more productive if we could take a nap right around lunch time. Im all for it.

Average Joe said...

I'm game! For now on don't IM from 12 to 1...