Monday, March 30, 2009

I Need a Break

So I admit it. I've been just a tad bit bitchier then normal.

It's not my fault... I've just been a little overwhelmed by work and the responsibilities of motherhood.

With Frijolero working so far away now, I no longer really get to lay back when I get home after work. Instead, I'm working over time with the Boy Son, and I gotta tell you - He is wearing me out.

By the time Frijolero gets home, the Boy is asleep and I am just in straight bitch mode. I need a serious break.

Some Me time. I'm not one to usually run out and get my nails done but right about now, I could use a mani-pedi. Or maybe a tattoo that takes at least 3 hours to do because I find it so relaxing when I'm getting ink up.

Maybe I should hit up a happy hour or something, but all of my friends have to seem to have suddenly disappeared on me... Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I kept hitting on all of them.... Naaahhh, I doubt that... They liked it...

I think the Boy scared away all my friends.

I just need like a 3 day vacation... No Boy and no Frijolero...

Just me and the girls... Unfortunately, some of them can't bare to be away from their men for more then a couple hours... What the hell is that all about anyways?

Penis is really seriously NOT that great.

Guess I'm gonna be rolling solo, but that's cool... I just need a break.

Ooo, I know who I can hang out! My friend who's dating a cross-dresser. She's hoping that he'll be into anal sex because she really wants to penetrate his ass with a strap-on.

She's so much fun to hang out with. Plus she always pays for everything. Yey Me!

I always seem to know the most interesting people...

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