Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aye Chihuahua

I've decided that I want a new pet. A little tiny, ankle biting Chihuahua. They're so tiny and cute and annoying and they bark all the ti me at nothing and everything.

Apparently, I like tiny thing. Not tiny penis' though. Tiny penis is never a good thing. Other then that, I like tiny things.

Cornholio, who I will now refer to as Frijolero, because that's exactly what he is (a fuckin' beaner), doesn't want me to get anymore pets because he claims that I don't take care of them, which is a damn lie.

I take care of all of my animals, including him. He's one of the best kept animals I have. I pet him, I feed him most of the time. Well, I try... He gets showered, and walked, and best of all, he gets to sleep in the bed, with the rest of my animals.

I think I deserve a new animal. I'm a damn good pet owner.

I think a long haired Chihuahua would be fun cause I could carry him around in my pocket. My older dog might not like that too much because she's extremely possessive over me, but she'll get over it.

I think Frijolero would have a lot in common with a chihuahua. They're both beaners. Well, he's not technically a Mexican, but he's Central American, but who cares? Close enough, right?

They both do a lot of yapping but no action. They're both annoyingly, cute, though sometimes they're just plain annoying. Actually, they're just mostly annoying.

You have to smack them with a newspapaer to make them stop humping your leg.

Maybe we could adopt a chihuahua. We adopted the cat, so why not a dog?

We'll technically, I was the one who adopted that damn cat, so if he pisses me off and we get a divorce, I'm taking the damn cat.

I'm an evil genius. Muahahahahahahahahha.

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