Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Naked Twister

Just for kicks, I really want to play a game of Naked Twister.

Of course, booze would more then likely be involved. Naked Twister is much more interesting when everyone is drunk.

Drunk Naked Twister.

I'd also have to recruit some really hot guys and girls cause naked twister with a bunch of fat, ugly people is just no fun.

It's dangerous and scary. Entertaining, but dangerous and scary.

So, yeah. Super Hot Sexy Drunk Naked Twister.

Maybe we should throw some baby oil into the mix to get all those hot, sexy, naked people all greased up because I like that kinda stuff and it turns me on.

Super Hot Sexy Drunk Greasy Oil Naked Twister.

No, wait. I think, I may prefer bubbles to oil.

Super Hot Sexy Drunk Greasy Oil Foamy Bubbley Naked Twister.

Yeah, I think that works. I can touch people inappropriately and no one will be able to tell that it's me if I have foamy bubbles instead of greasy oil.

So there you have it.

Super Hot Sexy Drunk Foamy Bubbley Naked Twister.

Any super hot sexy drunk people care to play?



We're in!

Average Joe said...

ud have to get me drunk before I even showed up.