Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome Back Lithium

After being in hibernation for the past 6 months, my pet turtle, Lithium, has finally woken up, which is great cause I was a little scared that she might have died on me.

I was actually on the verge of going out and looking for a new turtle to replace her in case she didn't wake up just because I didn't want Frijolero to be like, "Ha, ha. Told you she wasn't going to wake up".

Luckily it all worked out in my favor and I got to rub it in his face, "Ha, ha. Told you I didn't kill her, you bastard".

My knowledge on box turtles is only what I've read on Wikipedia and I'm pretty sure that the article I had read had stated that they only hibernate for approximately 4 months. At least that's what I could've sworn that I read. I could be wrong though.

Maybe it was 6 months. Who knows?

At least she's alive and I don't have turtle blood on my hands.

Congratulations to you, Lithium, for surviving through the cruel winter and not freezing to death due to the negligence of, ummm, Frijolero... Bastard.

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