Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back Online

I know that many of you may be unaware that I haven't had home Internet services since Frijolero caught a major virus on my computer and crashed the whole system back in November.

Tax time came around and we ended up buying a new computer 2 weeks ago, but since we wanted to upgrade to Verizon FiOS, we had to wait until today for those fuckers to come out and get everything up and running.

So here I am, blogging without fear of being caught by someones wandering eye and now you guys know why I haven't been blogging as frequently.

I had a story about Verizon cause they pissed me off yesterday so here it goes:

After buying the new computer, I immediately called them to set up Internet services. Services were scheduled to be installed on April 21, 2009 between 8am - 12pm.

We, as you may have already figured out, that was yesterday.

I took the day off yesterday, since that's when they were suppose to be coming.

But of course, that's not what happened.

Around noon, I called up Verizon to figure out why no one had showed up. The guy on the other line tells me, "There seems to be some conflicting dates".

I'm wondering what the hell kinda conflicting dates could there be? They said they'd come out on April 21st and today is April 21st. Where's the fucking conflict?

Apparently someone had dropped the ball and had split the order so that I would be receiving 2 services on April 21st and the other on April 22nd.

But still... That doesn't answer the question of why no one has arrived yet. So they guy calls dispatch and dispatch tells him that no one is scheduled to come to my house until April 22nd.

I politely told the guy that even though I know that no of this was his fault, to cancel my service because Verizon can go go eat vaginal yeast infection clumps and herpes juice for all I cared. As far as I was concerned they should go suck on a genital wart.

How in the hell did they think they were gonna get into the house to install services on the 22nd when they hadn't even notified me that they had randomly changed my date?

And then they wanna charge me a super high ass bill after I missed not 1, but 2 days of work. That ain't gonna fly.

The only reason I even bothered taking off a 2nd day was because I didn't wanna hear Frijoleros mouth about the whole thing.

I've been without home Internet for the last 6 months... Another 6 months was not gonna kill me.

So yeah... Just because I'm using the services (so not my decision) does not mean that I'm gonna let that shit slide. Verizon can still go suck it for all I care!!!

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