Friday, February 6, 2009

Socially Acceptable Racism

I recently ran wild with the idea that there could be some forms of socially acceptable racism. After all, we're all a little racist to some degree.

I ran some of my thoughts about what would be considered socially acceptable racism. Apparently, I crossed way over the line with some of my ideas from socially acceptable to just plain out racist.

I decided that the people I had talked to about my socially acceptable racism where just all too uptight to see where I was coming from, therefore I decided to get an 8th opinion from someone who understands me.... My younger sister.

I was shocked and hurt when she also agreed with the other 7 people that my idea of socially acceptable racism was also inappropriate.

I was also really hurt when she told me, "If you go around saying shit like that, your askin to be jumped and/or shot".

Knowing how disappointed I had become hearing her words, my sister was quick to console me.

She quickly reminded me that although what I thought was socially acceptable racism was actually just pure racism, that its OK to use stereotypes as socially acceptable racism because they're always right.

For example:

White People
All white people are crazy. They always wear sandals and shorts in 30 degree weather, or live in trailer parks, and most of them become serial killers. They also smell like bologna and couldn't dance or find the rhythm if their life depended on it.

They say things like, "Bobby, go get me my shot gun. I heard that some negro just escaped from the prison and I'll be damned if I let that sonofabitch come up in this house and gir er dun wit my wife! That sonofabitch don't know what he got cummin."

Obviously, this is referring to the more hick white people and not that sophisticated, serial killer types. But it's hard to imitate the serial killer type because they don't do much talking. They just kill. Methodically, they go out and find people to kill. Scary...

Black People
All black people eat is fried chicken and Kool Aide. They're also scary because they slap around they bitches and then rob them, and you.

They say things like, " Yo mami, I was like trynna holla at ya. You got this tight ass J Lo booty. Yo, yo, yo, so you like murried or what? Cause I don't see no ring on ya finger. I'm sayin though. Why you trynna play a nigga? I'm trynna holla at ya. "

Black girls say things like this, "You want me to do what? Get in the water? Ohhhh Hell nawww. Bitch, I just got my hur did. You must've lost your damn mind. Do I look like I got dat gud hur to you? You gonna pay me to get me weave redid? Fuck that shit... Hell nawwwwww."

They're all from either Puerto Rico or Mexico and they speak puerto rican or mexican, respectively. They all beat their wives and dance the Mexican Hat dance all while singing "La Cucaracha" or "La Bamba". They all talk really loud and are always drunk. AIY AIY AIY!!! None of them ever speak English, including the ones who were born and grew up in the US, and the few who do speak bery gud inglesh are always complimented by the whites for having such good English.

Men have 9 kids with 4 different woman. And woman have 9 kids with 9 different baby daddies (it was just easier to pin it on the last baby daddy cause he hasn't been locked up or deported).

It's hard to come up with stereotypes for Asians, other then they're all just so tiny and smart. They're like little mini computers. You can even fit them in a suit case. I think it may be possible that one day Asians may rule the world, so I'm gonna be nice to them.

Have you seen America's Best Dance Crew? Who'd a thought that they're smart and can dance? They're just so aerodynamic...

Middle Easters:
They all own 7-11's, or gas stations. They also just like to blow things up.

I think I may have crossed the line again... Just a little bit though... But believe me, this isn't half as bad as some of the things I had mentioned to other people.

And like my sister said. Stereotypes are perfectly good types of socially acceptable racism because they're always true.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed it seems to be socially acceptable to be racist against any non-(US)Americans. It seems to be acceptable to be racist against any illegal immigrants especially.