Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day with Angry Girlfriend

As we all know, The Boyfriend and I, who I will now refer to as Cornholio, are an odd couple. I know I've said it before, but I'm gonna say it again: He irritates me like a yeast infection irritates my vagina.

I had the worst Mother's Day because of him being an asshole.

To start, I didn't even get a fucking card, let alone a gift, but then to top it all off, I had gotten really sick unexpectedly, the evening of Mother's Day and ended up puking throughout the night. Instead of Cornholio taking care of me like a normal, caring partner would, the asswipe had the nerve to tell me, "When you're done throwing up, clean up. It stinks in here". Mind you, I was actually in the process of throwing up when he said that to me.

So of course, for Father's Day, I didn't get him a card. But I did get him a small gift.

I bought him a can of cat food, and no we don't own a cat.

Random, useless, and pointless, kinda like he is.

Then I left and went to a Father's Day cookout... without him.

It's guys like him that affirm my belief that Father's Day shouldn't even exist.

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