Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reality TV?

On my way to work this morning, I hear on the radio that Heidi Montag from MTV's The Hills, made a song or several songs. Whatever.

The song totally blows, but what really annoys me is that this chic, along with everyone else who's on The Hills, is basically famous for being a little, rich snobs, much like Paris Hilton.

Where has all the talent gone?

By the way, reality TV sucks. I don't understand why everyone who has a show is either rich and/or already famous.

And someone please explain to me the logic behind giving an actor or actress a reality TV show. How do you know if they're being for real or just acting for the camera?

If ordinary people play it up for the camera, why would a Hollywood celebrity do any different?

Just for the sake of throwing out some names, ummm, lets go with Denise Richards. Do I really care that you think you're life is complicated? No not really.

You have money and I don't. I have to invent a whole fantasy world just to keep myself from dying of boredom while I'm at a job I can't stand, while you work... what?... once, twice, three times tops, a year while the rest of the time you're either home spending time with your kids or paying some nanny to spend time with your kids while you go to the spa to relax or do whatever the hell it is you celebrities do to pass time when you're not working.

How about giving us regular, normal people a shot at reality TV?

Oh that's right... Normal people actually have to work to make their money. Not so great for TV I suppose.

You know why I should have a reality TV show? Because I'm an ordinary person, who's broke off their ass, but I can still party like the best of them.

You wanna see some girls getting down and dirty, shit-faced, and getting into some girl-on-girl action?

That's a typical weekend for me. And I ain't rich, bitch!

Matter of fact, I think Angry Girlfriend is about to start her own podcast. Hell yeah!

Take that, Hollywood!

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