Thursday, June 12, 2008

Angry Girlfriend's Top 5 Unattractive Celebs That I'd Still Bone

We've all had moments when we have found ourselves attracted to people that we didn't necessarily find physically attractive.

Well, I've decided to list my Top 5 Celebrities Not-So-Attractive crushes, that I would still totally have sex with, listed in the order of who I'd bone first to last:

1. Anthony Bourdain - Host of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel
He's a chain smoker, loves to drink... a lot, is sarcastic and foul mouthed, and he tends to make tons of sexual references. What's not to love? He seems to be quite the asshole, but strangely, it really turns me on.

2. Trace Cyrus - Vocals & Guitar for Metro Station
I think this kid is scrawny and awkward looking. But he's got a ton of tattoos and he seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that he's probably not as attractive as he thinks he is. He gives off an aura of cockiness, even though he has nothing to be that cocky about, and for whatever reason, it really turns me on.

3. Christopher Walken - Actor
He's a great actor and has been in a ton of movies, but he's old as balls. However, something about his mannerism and his voice just seem to really get my vaginal juices flowing.

4. Napoleon Dynamite - Movie Character Played by Jon Heder
Though not technically a real person, the character of Napoleon Dynamite was just such and loser, and clumsy. Really he was just kinda sad and pathetic, but there was an innocence in him that just made me want to corrupt the hell out of him. Napoleon Dynamite just seemed to kinda turn me on. Gosh!

5. Kevin Federline - The Ex Mr. Britney Spears
Some people might argue that he is attractive, but I just don't see it. Though I still think he's quite a bit of a fuck up and a freeloader, something about him becoming a more responsible parent then Britney Spears made me do a double take on this guy and it kinda turned me on. Unfortunately, he still loses some points for that lame ass song, PopoZ√£o.

And there you have it. Angry Girlfriends Top 5 Unattractive Celebs That I'd Still Bone.

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