Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Say Whaat?

So... four hours later, and I have nothing better to do, then post another blog about my bowel movements.

That is, I was about to take another shit, for like the 10th time today, until this spic lady came knocking at the door. Actually, thats not even relevant to anything.

Then again, maybe it is. She complemented me on my newly, blue-dyed hair, but something tells me that bitch is sneaky and is up to something. Actually, I'm just assuming that she's sneaky cause she's a wetback. You know her ass has crossed a few borders, illegally.

Once again, this is all really not relevant to anything.

I've noticed that its usually harder for me to focus on any particular subject when I'm on my period, which is why I tend not to write anything when I am on my period. I got shit for brains right about now and I'm basically rambling on about absolutely nothing.

You still with me?

Doesn't matter, I'll still ramble on...

So my new project song will be called "The Slut Song". It'll go something like this:

I'm a slut and you're a slut
So lets all fuck
Right up the butt

I like sex right on the grass
and you like sex right up your ass

Lets fuck
Lets suck
Lets do it rough
It's fun
I'm done
So hurry, cum

Anyways, it's a work in progress. And now I'm off to the can... again...

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm yea...
Nice song??