Monday, May 12, 2008

A Poem to My Vagina

Everyone should know by now that Angry Girlfriend just loves her vagina. So much in fact, that I made up a poem about my vagina.

This poem was inspired by my vagina after suffering from a brief bout of depression (depression = yeast infection).

My vagina has only suffered from depression no more than 3 times in its life, so when depression hits, it's something horrible for the both of us.

I'm so sorry, Vagina, for taking you for granted. So this poem is for you:

I like to call it: A Poem to My Vagina

Vagina, vagina, you're my number 1 friend
Vagina, vagina, I will love you til the end
Vagina, vagina, you make me happy when I'm sad
Vagina, vagina, you give me pleasure even when I'm mad

You bring me joy
You bring me pain
You bring me happiness when it rains
When I have nothing better to do
I just love to touch you

Vagina, vagina, I just love to buy you toys
Vagina, vagina, lets play together and make some noise
Vagina, vagina, it feels so good when you cum
Vagina, vagina, I fall asleep when we're done

Let's all cum
Have some fun
Masturbating until 1
When I have nothing better to do
I just love to touch you

Thank you, vagina for always being there for me. You rock!

1 comment:

The Life of a Jersey Lesbian said...

I love the poem...YAYYYY FOR VAGINA'S!!