Friday, May 16, 2008

Angry Girlfriend's Top 10 Favorite Types of Porn

I have loved watching porn for as long as I can remember. Maybe cause it turns me on, but who doesn't get turned on by porn? (Other then uptight people who have lame ass, boring sex and think that porn corrupts our youth).

Today, I'm taking the time to mention my top 10 favorite types of porn and why I like them:

1. Gang Bangs
My favorite kind of porn of all time is gang bang porn. I get so turned on watching one girl get fucked by like tons of guys all at once. She's got a dick in her vagina, one in her ass, another one in her mouth, one in each hand, and some dumb ass trynna stick it in her ear.

It's not that I want to get fucked by tons of guys at once, but watching some dirty little slut getting fucked 1,000,001 ways sure does get my clit engorged. It's really hot.

2. Barely Legal
Oh yes, that's right. Even woman get turned on by the barely legal teens. Well, I'll speak for myself.

The reason why is because girls who look so you and innocent, and who have very limited sexual experience, if any, are fun to corrupt. Hell, I'd like to corrupt a barely legal teen myself. Corrupting people is fun!

3. Asian
I like Asian porn because the woman always sound like their in pain, which for whatever reason, really turns me on. Actually, thats about the only reason I like Asian porn.

4. Lesbian
Girl on girl porn is fun. Especially, when it's 2 barely legal teens who swear that "I've never done anything like this before". Naughty, naughty. Who wants a spanking?

5. College Party
Anyone who's been to a college party has probably seen 2 people get really drunk and probably do things that probably shouldn't be done in public. Drunk people having sex at a party is always a fun thing to watch. Plus, it really turns me on.

6. Sex in Public
Speaks for itself. Couples getting it on like rabbits, anywhere you can think of. Public restrooms, at the office, in the park, etc.

The idea of the couple being caught just really get me all worked up and so turned on.

7. Unlikely Threesomes
What's hotter then watching a couple getting it on at work in the break room, or out at the park? Oooo, I know. Watching them get caught by their spouse... then having the spouse decide that they got so turned on from watching, that they want to join in.

"Here honey, let me show you what she likes".

8. Orgies
Much like a gang bang, but instead of one girl getting fucked by 10 dudes, the male to female ration is a little more even. Still turns me on though.

9. Teacher/Student
Usually an older man with a barely legal teen (remember, corruption is fun!). Besides, who hasn't had this fantasy? Watching it on DVD just makes you have to think less while you masturbate.

"Mr. Smith, if I suck your dick, are you sure you'll give me an A?"
"Oh yea, honey. I'm gonna give you an A alright. A for anal. Bend that sweet ass over".

10. Home Movies
Who hasn't wondered what their friends of family look like having sex. Most people, at one time or another, have recorded themselves on film having sex. I've seen a videos of some of my friends having sex, and even pictures of certain family members who I won't mention, just in case they decide to read this.

I also, like watching my own home movies. I think having sex is a good look on me.

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Bom Chica Wawa said...

You 4got 2 mention 70's porn.... Those are classic... Gotta love that cheezy ass music, LOL