Friday, April 25, 2008

White People & Margarita's

I was at a Tex-Mex restaurant yesterday, celebrating The Boyfriends mothers birthday, when I realized what seems to be a popular trend amongst the white people:

Almost every white person there had ordered a Margarita!

I know that subconsciously I had noticed this before, but for what ever reason, yesterday, I really took notice to this trend.

They were the pastiest of white folks, just chugging on Margaritas like it was the greatest drink the Mexicans had ever invented. I think more white people drink Margaritas then Mexicans.

I noticed several couples who came in with their toddlers and were pounding Margarita after Margarita like it was water.

Personally, I think Margaritas taste like shit, so it's hard for me to give an unbiased opinion of whether those white people just really enjoyed those Margaritas, or if maybe they were all just a bunch of redneck drunks.

There was another table that I noticed that was obviously engaged in a "business meeting", all while chugging down Margartias.

How do you have a business meeting when the employees are loaded of their asses from drinking one too many Margaritas?

At yet another table, there was a white couple that hadn't ordered Margaritas, much to my surprise. Instead, they had ordered Tecate. Mexican beer.

I'm sure the white people had no idea that Mexicans made beers other then Corona.

I paid close attention to the couple as I could see the puzzled look on their faces while they drank their Tecate's. I'm sure their conversation went something like this:

Sue: Wow, Bob! This Mexican beer sure is exotic.

Bob: Yeah, Sue. I didn't know Mexicans made beers other then Corona.

Sue: Yeah, me either. It's not bad though.

Bob: It's okay, I guess. It's sure no Miller Lite!

I could be wrong, but that's just what I imagined the conversation to be based on their facial expressions.

The best part of the night was when the Mexicans brought out the cake for The Boyfriend's mom, whose name, Maria, happens to be one of the most common spic names on the face of the planet, and started to sing "Jepi Berthdi".

I watched as all the white people, especially Bob and Sue, turned to our table as they probably wondered to themselves, "Why would Mexicans come to a Mexican restaurant? I mean, can't they just make this shit at home?"

I'm sure Sue told Bob something like, "Well, honey. It's her birthday. She probably didn't want to cook. You see how big that family is. And you know how Mexicans love to have the whole family living together".

We're not Mexicans and we sure as hell don't all live together. But Bob and Sue are white. How would they know the difference anyways? As far as Bob and Sue know, there are only 2 types of Spanish people. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

But I'll leave that blog for another day.

Cinco de Mayo is soon approaching and I know the liquor store will more then likely run out of Margarita Mix and tequila, as the white people flock to the stores to stock up on their Margaritas in preparation to celebrate a holiday that they don't even understand the meaning of.

But more on that on Cinco De Mayo.

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LMFAO where do you come up with this shit?

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