Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finding God

While at the grocery store yesterday, I ran into this girl I know. No one really important or even relevant in my life, just one of those people I know. Up until yesterday, I hadn't seen or heard from here since September.

Here's her bio in as little words as possible:

She met and married her husband after dating for 3 very short months. Right off the jump, she was trying to change him. No more going out with his friends or family, no more drinking, no more fun basically.

They have pretty much had a turbulent marriage from the beginning. I mean all marriages are work but when you marry someone you barely know, I can only assume it's even more work. They broke up and got back together more times in their first year of marriage then I really care to count. I couldn't figure out why they even bothered.

Then she wanted a baby. So they tried, and after about 5 miscarriages or so (apparently she was high risk because of her overweight issue), she finally gets pregnant and carries to term.

The child is turning 1-years-old soon, and the 3-year marriage is headed towards divorce. Or so she told me. But then again, it's not the first time she's told me this.

Anyways, at this point, she's moved out with their child and claims to be attending church 3 days a week because she feels the need to "find God".

Which brings me to my topic:

What the hell is it with people who go through a minor bump in the road and now suddenly that shit ain't going so well, they feel the need to "find God"?

I swear I'm not an anti-Christ, (I'm more like the Devils Advocate), but I've never understood why people feel compelled to find God when life doesn't go their way.

Who the hell says that God even wants you to find Him (why do they capitalize "Him"?)?

Maybe God doesn't even like you anymore cause you only come around when you want help. Maybe God is tired of helping your sorry ass feel better about yourself and your crappy ass life. Of course, this is all assuming that there is even a God.

My point is this:

Even if you do find God, it's not gonna change the fact that your life sucks asshole. There are still going to be times when you want to self medicate yourself with booze, pills, or whatever the hell else is out there.

The only thing that finding God will change is the amount of money you spend on gas to get to and from church and the disposable income you once had, because after finding God, all you're disposable income will be going into the collection plate at church.

To all you God seekers,

Good luck with that. I'm about to go find God so I can get some wine and get drunk for free!

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