Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm the Gay Ringleader

I love my cousin. She's so cool and gay, and really outgoing and gay, and she's just fun to be around. Did I mention that she was gay?

Her wife is so cool and just as gay, but according to them, all of my friends are gayer then they are and I'm the gay ringleader.

My cousin and her wife seem to believe that I set the pace for gayness among my friends and they just follow my gay lead. Did I mention that I'm not gay?

I don't deny being the gay ringleader amongst my friends. It's probably true. After all, my sexuality has always been a little border line.

All my friend were walking a pretty straight line... that is until they met me.

I have caused more confusion in my friends sexuality than I care to count or take responsibility for.

I have been the first girl most of my female friends have kissed. I'm the person who made it completely acceptable for my group of friends to grope each other just cause, the person who said it's okay for us to show one another our body parts and compare or just because you want to. I made it completely normal to mess around with another girl just cause I felt I could, and most if not all of my friends, followed my lead.

I have caused a number of friends to question their sexuality, one of which I believe to be a closet lesbian and my lesbian cousin would agree. I'm hoping to be able to help her come out.

I have been the subject of controversy in most of my female friends heterosexual relationships, as their boyfriends would worry that I may actually one day steal their woman right from underneath them.

That, however, couldn't be any further from the truth. The fact is, if I would've wanted their women, I would've had them. (I know it sounds really cocky on my part, but it's true).

The question that I always hear is: Why do you do this if your not gay?

So here goes my answer:

1. I'm a highly sexual person.
2. Because I can.
3. I'm the gay ringleader.

Got a problem with that? Well I guess you can fuck yourself =)

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