Friday, April 18, 2008

We're a Bunch of Drunks

It's 12:47 AM and we're all so drunk. Too Tall is about to pass out on my couch and the Terrorist has already left. We really need to get so very drunk so that we can not think of all the drama that has occurred this week.

There's been so much bullshit poppin that no one wants to deal with it. Including myself. All I want to do is chill and not worry about the bullshit drama that don't concern me to begin with.

Bitches be evil, but that don't have shit to see with me or so I believe.

In general, life is good but there are some people trynna start some drama that I dont feel concerns me what so ever.

Kiss my ass, bitches. I ain't dealing with ya'll bullshit no more. It aint even relevant.

All ya'll bullshitters and liar can take ya'll shit else where cause I don't give a flying fuck.

Stop lying about me cause eventually the truth all comes to light and you look like a dumb ass for lying to begin with.

Have a good night, my cyber readers, and remember, even the people you trust most can be fake as shit.