Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buy My Sex Tape

It really annoys me when an already famous person with tons of cash, becomes even more famous and even more loaded with cash when their sex tapes "accidentally leak".

I know that for some celebrities, (for example, Kim Kardashian), it truly was an accidental leak, though I'm sure it wasn't accidental on Ray J's behalf, and it did do wonders for Kim's career so she probably shouldn't be complaining. Not to mention that her body is smokin' hot, so she should be proud!

But for the majority of celebrities, I have a hard time believing that it was an "accidental leak". Paris Hilton isn't exactly known for being a saint or even wholesome. Even those who haven't seen Paris' sex tape, have seen her vagina at various angles. Or maybe that was Britney Spears? (Not a real big difference, anyhow. If you seen one pink vagina, then you seen them all).

We all know that Dustin Diamond's sex tape was authorized for release by Dustin Diamond, himself. (This particular sex tape doesn't interest me whatsoever. He will always be geeky, nerdy Screech from Saved by the Bell, to me).

And who could forget Pamela Anderson's sex tape with then-husband, Tommy Lee? This particular sex tape I didn't find to be that scandalous considering the fact that Pam was, and still is a major sex symbol. Of course she'd be having sex with her husband and his freakishly big penis!

I, myself, have made several sex tapes. But since I'm not a celebrity, no one is willing to pay me millions of dollars to buy the rights. Not that they would have to. I've shown quite a few of my sex tapes to my friends for free.

I even lost one sex tape in the basement of The Boyfriends parents house. I've check online and so far, nothing. I'm guessing it's still lost in their basement somewhere.

I am willing to "accidentally leak" my own sex tape to the highest bidder. I doubt it will launch me into celebrity stardom but maybe I can at least get a radio show or something out of it.

Here's to wishful thinking!

P.S. Too-Tall,

Maybe once Flashes Nastiness gets drafted, we can "accidentally leak" his sex tape with you. It wont make me famous, but you'll look like a slut and I'll be rich. Muahahahahahaha (That's my evil laugh). I'm kidding of course. Or am I?

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