Sunday, April 6, 2008

Plus Sized Model?

A couple of weeks ago, at the end of my exotic dancing class, I was approached by woman who told me about a clothing line that she was launching in April. It sounded interesting enough... until she asked me if I would be interested in modeling her plus sized clothing.

Now I'm not a size 3 and I'm well aware of that, but by no means am I a size 12 either, which is the size that she wanted her models to fit into. I don't even shop in the plus sized department, not to mention that my size is still in the single digits.

The woman went on to tell me and my friend, who happens to be 6'0 tall, but is in no way shape or form plus size other then perhaps her height, about how she needed models and that we had the kind of look that she was looking for in her models. Apparently, she was starting some sort of goth line, so she claimed, and I assumed that I would be able to rock it out since I have bright red hair and tattoos. I could see how she could confuse me for a rocker chic, but my friend "Too-Tall", doesn't really give off that rocker vibe, but that's all besides the point.

Me and Too-Tall had no idea whether to feel flattered because she thought we were pretty enough to be models or insulted because she thought that we were plus sized. For a quick second, I almost blurred out, "Well thanks for letting me know that you think I'm fat. Now I can go back to being bulimic and know that me thinking that I'm fat isn't all made up in my head after all". Almost said it, but I didn't. I smiled and took her business card, and walked away.

We never did end up going to her modeling shoot, though she called and emailed me repeatedly. I did however, check out her site once she had it up and running so I could see the kinda girls she had modeling on her site.

The clothes she had on her site weren't bad at all, but the models were a whole different story but I'll let others judge for themselves. I feel bad that I stood her up which is the only reason why I'm gonna link her site. So here it is: Adore Your Curves

Even though I kinda like the clothes on the site, I don't regret not showing up to modeling shoot. So much for becoming a plus-sized model.

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