Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Die, Bitch, Die

So I wrote a poem called "Die, Bitch, Die". It's about no one in particular and is dedicated to all those stupid cunts who don't deserve to breathe. There's a lot of those out there so don't take it personal if it hits a little too close to home.

You're ugly and you're mean
You act like you're 14
You're a nasty smelly cunt
Why don't you die, bitch, die

You serve no purpose in this life
You're a loser and bad wife
Go find something better to do
Your own brother can't stand you
Do us all a favor and die, bitch, die

You've turned into enemies, all your friends
Bet no one cares when you die in the end
And since no one really likes you
Why don't you die, bitch, die

You're a homophobic little bitch
And the biggest hypocrite
I wish they'd find you in a ditch
Why can't you die, bitch, die?

Selling your cunt is all you know how to do
Here's five bucks, now I own you
I'll sit and watch as Bob fucks you
You'll want to die, bitch, die

Then he'll whisper in your ear
You like this fat cock, don't you dear?
When he's done, you'll sit alone in tears
And wish you'd die, bitch, die

You sold you're body to fix your car
You should feel like a rock star
Were you drunk and coke up too?
I bet those nasty, sweaty men really liked you
You still don't have a clue
What STD's they all gave you
I'm sure you're feeling like
You want to die, bitch, die

You're all alone in the end
It's no use, so don't pretend
So just die, bitch, die

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