Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Secret Phone

Can you keep a secret? No? Well neither can I.

I have a new secret phone that few people know about it. I got it so that Frijolero can't contact me on days that he pisses me off.

Do you think it's wrong that I got a secret phone so that my husband can't call me when I'm mad at him? No? Neither do I.

Did I mention that we're trying to work things out and get back together? Dysfunctional, I know.

I've only given out the phone number to a selected few people who I have deemed important enough to contact me when my primary phone is turned off.

I know that are a few of you out there that are reading this and are probably going to want to go tell Frijolero about my new secret phone, but I'm advising you not to do that because if you do... The little man in the window will break into your house and eat your face plus, I'll deny the whole thing.

He'll believe me because I'm poor and poor people don't have money to spend on secret phones.

So keep your mouth shut... It's our little secret, ok? Shhhhhhhh ;)


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Dan said...

LOL. you are hilarious

Dan said...

@Anonymous WTF dumbass. -_- she just wrote an entire post about NOT spamming with your nut ass advertisements. why the fuck would you do that. Are you trying to piss her off. i see why you went anonymous so no1 can expose you. stop posting this junk. im this mad because i know how it is. probably not on my blog, but in some cases its like this with me too.

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Kayla Jose said...

wow.. thats all..wow

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