Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Name Is Karma

As my friends have been watching me fester in my anger and madness, the one thing that I've heard from them over and over is, "Don't worry. Karma can be a bitch. That asshole is gonna get what's coming to him".

Well, kids. It's time for an Angry Girlfriend reality check. Sometimes Karma needs a little kick in the ass.

I'm not gonna sit here and wait for some magical Karma to kick in years and years later when I'm no longer bitter.


Of course most of you are probably thinking that I've lost most of my sanity and am working on pure emotion.

But I assure you. I don't think I've ever seen things more clearly in my life.

It's obvious that I'm only angry because (dare I say it?)... *gulp* I cared... Thats the first and last time you wil ever see any weakness out of me.

I'm gonna stop there because if I keep going, you'll only realize how evil I really am.

I'm a saint and those horns poking out the top of my head are only there to support my halo.


Steph said...

Its amazing how crystal fucking clear everything becomes, with a little distance. I got my divorce 4 years ago, and always tried to take the "high road" and for a long time, surpressed my anger towards my ex, which is probably the worst thing I could have done, so after becoming, one with my anger, I was able to move forward a little easier.
I feel ya.

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