Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yet Another New Job

Despite being in hard economic times, I was able to find a new job. I am now working at a retail store in an Outlet Mall. I'm not going to give the name of the company, but let's just say, they're pretty up there and I'm not really sure how I got this job to begin with since I'm sooo much the opposite.

The downside to this job and that I had to dye my hair a normal shade color (no more pinks, blues, purples, or red), I have to cover my nose piercing with foundation (I absolutely refuse to take it out), and I have to wear my hair down and long sleeves to conceal any tattoos.

Like I said, the complete opposite of everything me. It's a pretty decent job though. Benefits, good pay, 30% off anything at any of their stores even though I still can't afford any of their stuff even with the discount.

Actually, I don't know anyone who could afford to shop there. Maybe like one person. My uncle... The one who owns the Lamborghini.

Yeah... Those are the kinda people who go shopping at this store. I am soooo out of my element.

But I'm just so happy to be getting a paycheck again, that I really just don't care.

And for some odd reason, people are allowed to bring their pampered little pets into the mall. I've never seen some many people go shopping with their dogs, but whatever.

Hope the dogs don't shit on their new $500 pair of shoes.

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Dan said...

500$ shoes?! they must be waethly them a mofo