Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vegas, Here I Come!

So, today's the big day.

My moms got all her shit packed in a Uhaul (well, most of it) and she's starting her journey to Las Vegas.

I'm still super pissed off about being an orphan, but she needs someone to help her drive cross country and she's willing pay my fair back to shit-land so why not take her up on a free trip to Las Vegas. Not to mention that she's offered to pay me for the days I'll miss from working.

Of course, I've decided to turn this opportunity into a little mini vacation, so I told Frijoleros mom that I would come back to work sometime in between 7-10 days. It's actually going to be more like 10-14 days, but they'll get over it.

He'll get over it, too. Did I mention that he's not coming along? You know the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Hehe.

We were to set off on this mega long road trip at 6 AM, but of course as always, my mom is running behind schedule, so now we're set to leave at 11 AM which is better for me cause I wasn't gonna wake up that fucking early any damn ways. I'm so glad I'm not hung over cause I had a little mini get together last night and, ummmmmmm, yea....

One of the good things about my mom leaving is that I got one of my 2 dogs that she's been holding hostage back.

This is Dakota:

At age 13 (she'll be 14 in October), she my oldest Jack Russell.

Jupiter Almighty, still remains hostage and will be moving to Vegas, which sucks because I really like that damn dog. She's just such a fucking asshole... but a really sweet asshole.

Frijolero better be good to my dogs while I'm gone or I'm so seriously gonna kick his ass when I get back. I'm leaving the house with 3 dogs and expect to come home to 3 dogs.

I hate cat people. They're so lame.

For all of you who'll be at work or doing something lame while I'm gone, I'll take a couple extra shots in your honor!

Viva Las Vegas, bitches!

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