Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Country: Pennsylvania-Indiana

I decided that while I'm here in Denver, that I should take the time to catch anyone who's interested about the kinda things I've encountered so far on this cross country road trip. I'm only going to highlight the interesting points of each state of crossed.

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I saw real life Amish people doing Amish-people things. Didn't catch it on camera cause we passes by so quick but it was pretty cool all the same.

(Totally missed the welcome sign thanks to my MOM)

At a tool booth somewhere around the Cleavland area (I think), we passed some signs for hotels (Holiday Inn, Days Inn, you know... the normal ones).

However, since the road split in 2 ways and there was no sign as to which way to take, we asked the old white guy if he could direct us to the hotels.

He tells us, "Stay to the left". So we did.

But there was no sign of any hotels that were familiar to us. They we're only 3 "Serial Killer Inns". You know, the kind of motels that you see in the movies where unsuspecting victims take the word of a "kindly stranger" who they assume is trying to help them but in reality, they are really trying to set them up to be killed by some Serial Killer cause they're all in cahoots together...

Naturally, we got right back on the interstate, otherwise I wouldn't be here to blog about it.


Passed right by Gary, but we didn't exit off. No point.

I also had a strange encounter with a girl at a truck stop (non-sexual in case you were wondering). But that story is so out the blue that I'm gonna save that for it's own little blog.

Got a few more states that I've already crossed through, but I'm sleepy now and got to wake up to make the final leg of my journey. Can't wait to make it to Vegas.

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